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Death stranding ENG

Thank you for purchasing access to an account with the game
We wish you much joy with your product.
Below are instructions for starting the game:
1. Install STEAM: (if it is not already installed)
2. Run the installed application
3. Enter Login and password:
Password Deth23TeX
3. If the platform asks you for a verification code, write to us by Email
[email protected]
- Time of sending the code and (account name, name of the game we are
logging in to)
4. Go to the library tab and then download and install your game
5. After downloading the game, launch it once online for a while (normal), and
then close the game immediately.
6. Then go to Account at the top bar> Go to Offline> Restart offline.
7. You can play without a problem :) IMPORTANT INFORMATION :
Sometimes there may be a situation in which you will not be able to
download the game / log in. The product is shared with other users, so this
is normal. In this case, there is a queue so please be patient and try later.
This is a very rare situation and cannot be the reason for a complaint. If
everything works and there is no problem - Please, post a positive
Thank you! If it shows that the game is open on another computer - just try
again later.