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Hello my name is Edna Lizeth Monsalve

1. Hello my name is Edna Lizeth Monsalve, I am a student of children's pedagogy at the
University of Colombia. I'm 25 years old and I'm from La Argentina Huila.
2. Well, I usually get up at 6 in the morning, go to the bathroom and brush my teeth. I
prepare breakfast, then I clean the house and prepare lunch. In the afternoon I work in a
beauty salon and leave at 8 at night. After eating, I go to bed at 10 p.m.
3. I like listening to music, playing with my pet and watching movies. I hate disorder, animal
abuse and people throwing garbage in the street. I like to spend weekends with my family,
eat desserts in Rivera, go fishing and camping.
4. I think that if a tourist comes to Colombia, he should not talk about drug trafficking, he
should also be careful in some places that are very insecure. What you should do is enjoy
the hospitality of Colombians and the tourist sites of the country.
5. In December I traveled to Argentina huila to celebrate the end of the year with my family.
6. I was in San Agustin, known as the archeological capital of Colombia because there are
stone monuments built by the natives. Ecological walks can be made to visit the
archeological sites. It is important to visit them to learn more about the culture of our
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8. Yesterday afternoon I was working in the beauty salon and had several clients.
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10. There are 5 types of vegetarians.
Raw-living foodists
I could not be vegetarian because I like meat very much.
11. My cousin Sarita was born with 6 fingers on her right hand. And when he was 7 years old
he had surgery and now has 5 fingers.
12. My favorite movie is Madagascar. There the story is told of 4 animals that are friends and
leave the zoo where they lived to have adventures in Madagascar.
13. When I was a child I liked to ride a horse with my dad. My parents lived in La Plata when
they were children and my grandparents worked in the fields.
14. I prefer the mountain than the sea. It is difficult to have tranquility on the beach with so
many people. On the other hand, the mountains allow peace.
15. Dogs, especially my pet Khaleesi. It is very playful, loving and important for our family.
16. I consider that the most important thing when packing is to wear clothes according to the
place to visit.
17. In the University we have some rules. For example I can listen to music, we can dress as
we want. But we cannot drink alcohol, nor can we attack a classmate or teacher.
18. I think that to take care of the environment we must start at home separating garbage and
19. I believe that if we do not take care of the environment, by the year 2200 we will no
longer exist.
20. In my vacations I plan to work because I have to pay for my studies.