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Augusto Pérez-Gómez, Ph.D.
Dr. Pérez-Gómez, was born in Bogotá , Colombia. He obtained his Ph.D. at
Louvain’s University (Belgium), where he lived five years, with a dissertation on the
evaluation of psychotherapy in 1977 he began his clinical practice, and since then on he
has seen in therapy more than 2200 people from almost any possible background. In 1986
he created ‘La Casa’ program at the University of Los Andes, a center dedicated to the
treatment and rehabilitation of very poor (indigent and homeless ) drug users; on the basis
of this experience he proposed a treatment model, a synthesis of which was published in the
Journal of Substance Abuse Treatment (1993, 10, 317-321) under the title of “The
ambulatory treatment of non-compulsive users of psychoactive substances”. Dr. PérezGómez was the director of La Casa for almost 11 years. He has worked only in four
universities: Lille (France) as a young professor (1974-1975); Los Andes (Colombia), for
most of his life (1975-2002); London University as a Visiting Professor (1994); and also as
Visiting Professor at the Robert Wood Johnson Medical School, University of Medicine
and Dentistry of New Jersey, USA (2004-2006).
Dr. Pérez-Gómez has been writing and doing research on treatment and prevention
strategies for Latin American drug users for almost 30 years. What he likes more than
everything else is doing research, solving problems and taking challenges, along with
teaching and doing therapy. He has published 8 books and 142 papers (up to May 2010) in
Spanish, English, French and German (in that order)
In his leisure time Dr. Pérez-Gómez likes to walk and climb up the beautiful
mountains near Bogotá, almost always alone. He reads a lot and has a passion for classical
music and art. Nowadays, his main interests are philosophy of science, music, literature,
history of religions and ethology.
In September 2006 he received the National Award of Excellence in
Blending Research and Practice of the NHSC.