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letter. Ejemplo carta en Ingles

NQS Avenue 45 Street
Bogotá, D.C.
Bogotá, 27 September 2021
37 Street, number 8-40
Bogotá, D.C.
Respect Sir
I write this letter because I need to explain my concern about the
contamination on the Bogota City.
I have recently noticed that I am short of breath and wonder what the reason
for this is. I guess it's about the pollution that is increasing every year. I
would like to know what are the corrections that the institution that you head
has taken. If this affects me and my family, I don't even want to think about
how water and air pollution is affecting other species of animals.
Hoping to hear from you soon.
Best regards.
Hello teacher. Good night.
My name is Daniela Forero, and I am going to tell you about the letter I wrote.
The letter was not addressed to a company, I wrote to a government institution who
oversees regulating the management of all companies in my country on this
pollution issue. I wrote to the Minister of the Environment and Sustainable
Development. The reason is why I do not know the management for that, and I think
that it should be explained to all the people of the city, we all need to know. We
Pollution is bad for everyone, and the government must show its work and keep us
always informed. Also, they should talk to people about the companies that are
polluting because we all buy things, and we don't know that it is very polluting. Is
necessary to know the effects that the products we use have on the ecosystem
because sooner or later we will be the main victims and the consequences are not
far away. They are closer than we can hope.
The government must show us its contingency plans for polluting companies and
how will be their actions about the current pollution. Bogotá is a very complicated
city to live, we saw the effects of vehicle gases in the pandemic when no one left
their house, and the sky was clear. I am very worried about myself, my family, mand
the rest of the society.
I believe that as citizens we must intervene in contingency plans and be part of the
solution, at least, explaining to our loved ones what we are doing wrong and how
we can build a better future with cleaner air for our children.
I know it will not be a very easy job, people will have to change their activities and
for many of us change is difficult. But the reason is very important and good because
every decision we make thinking about the well-being of all will be seen in the air
we breathe and in the water we drink. Not throwing garbage in the streets is already
a great initiative because we make sure that this garbage does not end up in the
river or in the sea of some ocean. We must all do our part.
Avoid using items that cannot be recycled, avoid wearing clothes at one time,
consume fruit in unnecessary packaging, replace plastic with glass or wood, prefer
quality and non-disposable products. All these things sooner or later end up in the
trash and many of them take years to disintegrate. It is very necessary that we be
aware of everything that we buy and that we do not even need will end up being
garbage. Many times, we buy things that we do not even get to use.
It is very necessary for all.
Thank you.
Good night.