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The Government of Colombia is betting on innovation as a
driver for business growth. Behind this ambitious bet there are
several state agencies working together with complementary
This first portfolio of “dynamic startups” is a contribution from
iNNpulsa Colombia to showcase some of the most courageous
colombian companies that demonstrate the potential to
succeed globally. We deem these companies suitable for
investment, broader international reach, and prone for national and international
The Colombian companies with EXTRAordinary value presented in this publication
are a true sample of all the remarkable things that are taking place in our country,
resembling the discovery and awakening of companies that can compete, or that are
already competing, at an international scale.
In this portfolio you will find visionary companies and entrepreneurs that are able to
identify opportunities where others do not, showing courage and demonstrating
perseverance to succeed, with the wit to do things differently, and with clear a
determination strive. These are some of the best Colombian startups to invest in, or
partner with.
As with any first version, this document may have omitted or overlooked some
companies. If you want your company to be included in this portfolio, you can submit
verifiable information and business data to iNNpulsa Colombia. You can also find
contact information on any of the companies listed, or obtain more information on
Colombia’s strategy for promoting investment, innovation and internationalization.
Welcome to Colombia, a country that seeks entrepreneurship and innovation. You
will see how these companies and the efforts of all those involved in this project will
put Colombia on the map of global innovation, thus generating exceptional value for
Catalina Ortiz
iNNpulsa Colombia
Natural Phytocosmetics and Cosmeceuticals.
APIFLOWER engages in research, development and distribution of
natural cosmetics including anti-aging, moisturizers, exfoliation and
sun protection products. APIFLOWER products are manufactured
with ingredients from the Colombian biodiversity - apiculture resins
and native species from the Amazon.
Despite being a lawyer, founder Fredy Tellez, is an authority in
apitherapy after spending years researching the properties of
different honeybee byproducts. His company is the result of
developed curiosity in the face of adversity.
Specialized Knowledge:
Apitherapy is a field of study in itself, but when combined with natural
extracts of native amazon species, it reaches a whole new level in
alternative therapies. So far, no one has taken this approach to
develop cosmeceuticals and phytocosmetics for skin care.
Passion Factor:
Believing that innovation is not only for large companies, but that it is
the only way small Colombian companies can compete with large
established players. “How else can we compete with a 100-year old
brand that is omnipresent in the market?” says Fredy, CEO.
Sales: Not reported
Revenue Potential in 5 years: >USD 20MM
Company and Opportunity Overview:
Apiflower began as a simple retailer of honeybee byproducts with just
USD 45K in invested capital and reached almost USD 500K in sales
shortly after. However, rising honey prices and rent increases almost
banished them. The situation forced the founders to rethink the
company, diverging towards added value products.
Fredy Téllez
Then, about came the idea of using propolis, a resin found in bee
hives. A research team was assembled with people as passionate as
Fredy for building innovative cosmeceutical products.
The initial product - a shampoo – was not successful, so they set out to build their first
skin care product, which turned out to be an immediate success.
Apiflower currently sells their products to countries like Russia, and their next goal is to
sell their natural cosmetics all over the world.
There is no other company in the world manufacturing dermocosmetic products based
on research from propolis.
Apiflower knew from the beginning that the new dermocosmetics product line would
have a global appeal due to its unique formulation and use of natural ingredients.
Challenges and Risks:
Distribution: the quality and specialty of their products requires direct consumer sales.
This is an obvious challenge for a small company that wants to scale globally. However,
if this company was able to go from selling honey to researching and developing
high-end natural cosmetics, they might as well be able to pull it off.
Global Reach: Future plans in APIFLOWER include the consolidation of their current
presence in the Russian market and reaching greater distribution in Canada, UK and
The result of their research is a high quality therapeutic product. This is the spearhead
for building a global brand.
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