Una reinterpretación de la utilidad de las inversiones

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British Railways in Colombia: A Reinterpretation of the Utility of
British Investment in the Colombian Railway Sector
Andrew Primmer
Estudiante de Doctorado en University of Bristol
Resumen:The orthodox opinion on the history of railways in Colombia posits
that their failure was largely a result of the technology being unsuitable for the
Colombian environment. If this were the case we would see evidence within the
profitability of the railways. This paper presents quantitative analysis of novel
sources from the London Stock Exchange Archive of British registered railway
companies operating in Colombia. These data suggest that the opposite was
true, that in spite of engineering challenges railway companies were profitable.
The data also demonstrates sufficient profitability to compare favourably with
railway companies elsewhere in the Latin American region.
This new information raises a question. If the Colombian railway network was
profitable why did it fail to expand as was the case in other countries in Latin
America. The paper argues that the explication can be found in the institutional
character of Colombia. It argues that fragile property rights for foreign
companies as well as Colombia’s poor reputation in international capital
markets inhibited foreign investment in the sector.
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