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Storm breaker
Garcia Romero Marco Antonio
Oliver Daniel Juarez Escudillo
Luis Miguel
Hi beautiful people welcome to the
stormbreaker, today in china.
It has declared an international
health emergency as the virus takes
the lives of more than 400 people
and more than 20,000 cases are
reported. his name is coronavirus
In China there is a laboratory that is
involved in the investigation of this
virus and its logo left us surprised,
since it has a match to the logo of
the resident evil videogame,
if you change the order of the
coronavirus the word racoon can be
formed casually, This will be the end
of human civilization?
In other news, we will see "the
dumbest criminal in the world."
This is what the owner of a
store in Aurora, state of
Denver, called the man who
tried to rob his establishment.
In this viral news, it seems that
a guy with a hat and
sunglasses enters the store,
pulls the gun to scare the
cashier, but the gun slips and
falls to the other side of the
shoscage , where the
saleswoman picks it up. The
thief runs, but when he kicks
the door, his pants fall off.
Good morning people we have
breaking newsin Tlaxcala there is a
very specific pandemic, which could
make man's best friend look for a
human steakdoctors have called it
the infection of crazy zombie dogs,
since they jump, bark and move
very imperativelyso far they have
not bitten any person, but it is
rumored that if they bite a person it
is similar to rabiesthe
recommendations for people who
live in nearby places are clear,
protect their homes, if they get
involved with a dog that does crazy
things run as fast as they canand if
not try to scratch your bellybut so far
everything has been kept under
control, so you have to be cautious.