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February Preppers To Do List
Practice tying knots. Here is a great start!
Google how to dress in layers for cold weather.
Practice shooting a bow and arrow.
Take a gun safety course.
Study about how to pick a lock.
Try a new recipe.
Take something you by pre-made and make it from scratch.
Start or improve on doing push-ups.
Learn how to operate and care for a generator. Need to purchase one, learn about
choosing one here.
10. Label your breaker box.
11. Learn/practice how to whistle loud.
12. Understand how to care for and shoot a gun.
13. Know how to jump start a car.
14. Purchase jumper cables or a pocket car jumper.
15. Know when and how to properly tie a tourniquet.
16. Learn as many methods as you can to make a fire without matches.
17. Practice or improve upon woodworking skills.
18. Make your own candles.
19. Consider taking a martial arts or self-defense class.
20. Volunteer at a place that helps you learn a new skill.
21. Find an exercise that you enjoy doing, do it daily.
22. Watch a TED talk on a subject you need to learn.
23. Considered beekeeping? Learn how to get started.
24. Learn how to survive a tornado.
25. Start or improve on doing sit ups.
26. Have car window breakers in all of your vehicles.
27. Make a list of prepper gear you want for your birthday, anniversary,
mother’s/Father’s Day, etc…
28. Have a tribe- a group of loyal friends that you can depend on.