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The Impact of the Coronavirus on our Psychology

The Impact of the Coronavirus on our
Today, the world had been put in a dangerous situation that had worried everyone
in this planet.
Radio and television shows had uninterrupted coverage of the latest death figures
and depending on who you follow, social media platforms had been full of scary
statistics, practical advice, or dark humor.
Due to some responses to diseases that had evolved over the centuries, the fear of
contagion had led us to be more conformist and primitive, and less receptive to
Our more conservative moral judgments and social attitudes had become stricter
when we consider issues like immigration or sexual freedom and equality. Recent
reports of increased xenophobia and racism had been the first sign of this, but if
scientific research predictions are correct, they had reflected much deeper
psychological and social changes.
Since humans are a social species that had evolved to live in large groups, the
behavioral immune system also had modified interactions with people to minimize
the spread of disease, leading to a kind of instinctive social distancing.
In conclusion, many psychological aspects had been raised since the COVID-19 is
spreading around the world, it is important to continue researching about this to
analyze future behaviors.