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Classwork 3 Survey article 20th of May

Juan Fernando Jijón
Classwork 3 Survey article 20th of May
How do you see your life after the lockdown ends?
Life is always in continue evolution and people know that. I am sure that my daily life
change with this conjunctural fact in response to the coronavirus crisis. The lockdown let
us a huge shift in the behavior of people. The market research and data analytics company
YouGov said that only the 9% of people wanted life to return to “normal”, although we
all claim to this “normality” in the beginning of the quarantine. The main reason is
because the activities adapt to this new schedule that bring us safe and stability,
nevertheless only a small portion of the society can face the economical needs. My life
is going to change because I am part of this 9% that understand that life need to change
and we have to adapt to this new reality.