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Entrepreneurship Intro. Week 2. 2020

Hi boys, this is the second week of the online claeses of L&Entrepreuneurship due to the
lockdown and the social distance. The t ask for this week is pretty easy. It shouldn’t take more
than half an hour, 30 minutes. The purpose is for you to be able to focus better on the main
subjects such as Language, Maths and so forth.
What I want from you all to do is the following. As you may know there have been several
actions coming from the private sector, I mean, the for profit sector or companies and
corporations, in order to help under the current pandemia crisis. So, you should be able to
explain briefly, you don’t even need a laptop because you can just use your mobile phone and
send me a few lines in an email to me.
So, what you should search for. You can either ask your parents or watch the news and try to
find a Company o famous entrepreneur who came out with a proposal to help the government
in the fight against covid 19 or conoravirus.
I will give you some tips: you can search for the action of Amancio Ortega, Zara-Inditex, there
is also an interesting proposal coming from the luxury Brand Louis Vuitton. There are also a lot
of companies in the tech industry who are helping in opening their platforms, their are giving
free Access to content, database, etc., such as Vodafone with their channels offer, also hearst
magazine, which is an Internet site for journals and newspapers, there is also a famous Cruise
industry Company who is also helping the US government,