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Coronaviruses are a family of respiratory viruses that can cause illnesses that range from a
common cold to complicated respiratory illness. Within this family of viruses, there is an
infectious disease that receives the norm of COVID-19.
A study of four patients has been published in which it was observed that the coronavirus
could remain in the body for more than 2 weeks after the symptoms of the disease
In my opinion, what we have experienced during this pandemic has been very worrying in
all the meaning of the word.
The majority of people have lost many of their loved ones and those who have not, live
with the anguish of catching or infecting a family member, has managed to keep the
country's economy in crisis.
However, it has also brought out the best in us as many have shown solidarity.
Despite all the fact of knowing that life will not be as before where we could be calm in
some social gathering or in our own school, now each person will have the preventive
measures to keep them healthy.
We must have the habit of washing our hands frequently for twenty minutes,
disinfect our things with alcohol etc.
03 DE JUNIO DEL 2020
Teacher: Lic. Norma Torres Rolando
Curso: 1B Cont. 1 A Informática.