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respuestas ingles conditional setences

10. Read, choose and complete.
1) If Fiona is lucky, she may get a small part in a film
. (may)
2) If you’re tired, you should go to bed (should)
3) If we catch a lot of fish, we could invite our friends for dinner. (could)
4) If you go to the park now, you might meet Stanley and Peter (might)
5) If you are thirsty, I can make some fresh lemonade. (can)
6) If you like comedies, you must see this film. (must)
7) If Tricia is in our town, she may visit us . (may)
8) If the work is difficult, I might need your help . (might)
11. Circle the correct answer.
1) If / Unless he apologises, I’ll never speak to him again.
2) If / Unless you are not on time, they’ll leave without you.
3) Stanley won’t be able to finish the article if / unless Leslie doesn’t help him.
4) If / Unless she doesn’t tidy her room, her mother will be angry.
5) We’ll go to the beach tomorrow if / unless it rains.
6) If / Unless I finish my homework, I can’t come out with you.
7) We won’t have anything to eat if / unless we don’t go to the supermarket.
12. Rewrite these sentences using the word given.
1) If we don’t leave now, we’ll be late for school. (unless)
Unless we leave now, we’ll be late for school.
2) Unless they stop that noise, I’ll call the police. (if)
if don't stop that noise, I’ll call the police
3) She won’t find tickets for the concert if she doesn’t book them soon. (unless)
She won’t find tickets for the concert she unless she book them soon
4) If I don’t borrow Patrick’s lawn mower, it will take me ages to cut the grass. (unless)
Unless that I borrow the lawnmower Patrick I will take ages mowing the lawn
5) The mirror will fall unless you use a strong nail. (if)
If I do not use a sharp nail the mirror will fall
6) Unless it rains, we’ll go to the football match. (if)
Unless it rains if we go to the soccer game
7) They’ll stay in a hotel if their relatives don’t have a spare room. (unless)
Unless that their families have a spare room you are staying in a hotel
8) Unless you remind me, I’ll forget to post the letter. (if)
if I forget to send me the letter unless you remember me
13. Write First Conditional sentences using the prompts.
1) if / we / be / late – we / miss / the beginning of the film
If we are late, we’ll miss the beginning of the film
2) If / it / snow – the children / make / a snowman
If there is snow children make a snowman
3) Unless / you / work / harder – you / fail / the exam
Unless the toughest job you do fail the exam
4) He / not like / the food – if / you / not put / more salt in it.
If you do not put more salt he did not like the food
5) I / come / with you – unless / I / be / busy
Unless you this busy I come
6) Unless / you / give / the dog / a bone – it / not go / away
Unless you do not give the dog a bone will not go away
7) Unless / she / rest – she / become / ill
Unless she got sick she rest
8) If / I / find / Leslie’s book – I / send / it / to her
if I seek leslie book I sent it to her
14. Form Zero Conditional sentences.
1) Jack / always / bring / flowers / when / he / come / to visit us.
Jack always brings flowers when he comes to visit us.
2) if / you / mix / red and blue / you / get / purple
if you mix red and blue you get purple
3) Glass / break / when / you / heat / it ?
glasses break when heated?
4) if / you / not eat / you / get / thin
if you do not eat you lose weight
5) when / the weather / be / nice / I / walk / to work
when the weather is nice walk to work
6) your brother / help / you / with your homework / when / he / have / time ?
I help your brother with homework when I have time?
7) I / usually / read / a good book / when / I / not be / busy
I usually read a good book when I'm not busy
8) if / plants / not get / enough water / they / die
plants are not enough water resave them die