Gramática y vocabulario ingleses

1.Complete the following sentences in the past simple or past continuous:
a.What_____you______yesterday at five ?I ____________TV.(do/watch)
b.How long ago_______she ________her university studies? She ___________them
two years ago.(finish/end)
c.They ____________their car when I __________them.(drive/see)
d.She____________all her subjects last year because she _____________enough.
(not pass/not study)
e.I_______________padle while they _____________football.(play)
f.Where _________you____________my wallet? I _____________it in the drawer.
g.What _________Kate ___________in her diary when I _________?(write/arrive)
2.Complete the sentences about you.Use COULD/ HAD TO:
a.When I was ten I ___________English.
b.When you were six you ___________very early in the morning.
c.When my father was a teenager he _________________a foreign language at
d.When I was 12 I ______________a bike.
e.When my sister was 10 she_______________her own bed.
Now answer the questions:
a.What things could you do when you were seven?
b.What did you have to do at school when you were ten?
c.Could you play tennis when you were six?
d.Did you have to study everyday 3 years ago?
3.Write a short biography of your favourite famous person:
4.Make questions for the following answers:
I was having lunch at that time.
She visited the arts museum last week.
Yes,I could.
No, I didn´t but I had to tidy up my room.
They were cleaning the room when I was having dinner.
5.Answer the following questions:
a.Why did you go to the cinema?
b.Why did she study all night long?
c.Why did you visit the doctor?
d.Why did they buy the car?
e.Why did you prepare a cake?
6.Put the verbs in brackets in the right tense:
a.While I (have ) lunch, I (hear) the explosion.
b.He (see) a strange light when he (go down) the stairs.
c.When Paul (sleep) the other night,he (listen) to the police.
d.I (study) for the exam when the telephone (ring)
e.Sheila (eat) a sandwich while I (drink) a coke.
7.Invent a short story about something frightening or exciting thaty happened to
you.Use the past simple an the past continuous:
8.Put the following adjectives in the right order:
• BLACK/A/SMALL/CAR___________________________
• JEANS/AMERICAN/BLUE/A PAIR OF____________________________
• LARGE/PINK/THE/BUS_________________________________
• SOME/ORANGES/SPANISH/LITTLE__________________________
• TWO/LONG/BOXES/BLACK__________________________________
9.Complete the following sentences:
• My mother loves_______________________________________
• I think ________________is awful.
• I don´t like____________________________________________
• My father doesn´t mind__________________________________
• My best friend think ________________is great.
• She prefers___________________to _______________________
10.Make a short description of your best friend: talk also about his /her
her personality :