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321LearnEnglish com grammar first conditional exercises

First Conditional - Exercises
1. Choose the correct form of each verb to make first conditional sentences.
a) If a deer
(get) into your garden, it
b) You
(not pass) the exam if you
c) If James
(not study) harder.
(be) late again, his football trainer
d) If I
(be) furious.
(boil) some eggs, how many
e) If we
(eat) all your plants
(you / eat)?
(not protect) the environment, many animal species
(be) very healthy if you
g) You
(eat) an apple every day.
(pay) higher insurance if you
h) If you
(buy) a sports car.
(keep) practicing, you
(get) much better.
(your mum / be) angry if you
(forget) her birthday?
2. Use the conditions and results in the box to complete the following sentences.
you don’t take an umbrella with you
you don’t stop eating junk food
you drive too fast
you see the cleaner
she likes it
you go to London
you pay extra at the theme park
I won’t go out
you’ll get burned
tell her I’m in a meeting
I’ll be able to help you
we’ll miss the bus
you should try their new burger
we could invite our friends to dinner
a) If it rains,
b) If we don’t leave right now,
c) If
, tell her to mop the floor.
d) If
, you’ll get a fine.
e) If you touch that hot skillet,
if we catch a lot of fish.
g) If Rose calls again,
h) She may buy the house, if
If you go to McDonald’s,
, you may improve your English.
k) If I’m not busy,
, you can skip the lines.
m) You will get fat if
n) If
, you’ll get wet.
3. Rewrite these sentences using “unless”.
a) If we don’t leave now, we’ll be late for school. 
b) They won’t sing because there’s no silence in the room. 
c) If they don’t stop that noise, I’ll call the police. 
d) She won’t find tickets for the concert if she doesn’t book them soon. 
e) He won’t pass the exams because he doesn’t study. 
The mirror will fall if you don’t use a strong nail.  | Free ESL lessons and worksheets