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a film review

The title of the film is _______________________
It’s starred by protagonizada por_______________ and was directed by _______
It ( the film) is based on ( a true story…) _______________
The film is set in es puesta en ( the 1900s/ the North of Europe…) ______________
and it shot on rodada ( South of Europe because there was hotter
The plot / its plot argumento is about ______________________
Its soundtrack / music score was created / interpreted by ______________
The film won ( 4 Oscars/ 4 Golden Globes/ 4 Awards….) _____________________
I would like recommend you to see it because ……
- I think you will love it
- It’s an amazing/ astonishing increible / awesome impresionante film
- Its soundtrack is ______
Now, write a review about a film using the sentences above. You have to use other
adjectives to describe the film and be careful when you describe the plot, do you
have to write it in past simple or present simple?