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Jungle by Belu

Movie review: ‘Jungle’
Promotional movie poster
Introduction: this gives an overview of who is in the film and what it's about. It also sums up the
reviewer's conclusion about the film (so readers can form an opinion without reading the whole
of the review)
Paragraph 2: the reviewer then describes the plot and the action, while informing the reader
which actor plays which role.
Paragraph 3: the reviewer then analyses the film, talking about the director and then the actors,
looking at good things as well as bad things.
Finally: the review informs the reader when the film is out (and sometimes, in a local review,
where it can be seen).
In my opinion it is a slow action movie. You have to wait until the half of the film to see some
action, then when you findSEE it, it slows down again.
It is filled with tons of unnecessary information and flashbacks to the main character’S previous
life??. It is a monotonous films, you do not have thatTHE suspense you EXPECTwill be
expecting in thatTHIS kind of films.
On the other hand, I found IT easy to connectRELATE? toWITH the characters and kind of feel
their emotions, for example: ,I absolutely loved Marcus and I can noT do other thing BUT that
feel bad for him and Karl (that is a funny name). Yossi it is a completely different thing, at the
beggingBEGINNING I thought it was his fault where THAT they ended up WHERE THEY DID,
but then I felt compassion and now I think he was so brave and not everybody could have done
what he did. Something similar happens with Kevin (omg I’m in love with him 😍), before
watching the film I thought he was and idiot but now I have the feeling that I can understand
everything he did.
So basically I can say that I liked the movie but I do not loved it. Probably I could PROBABLY
watch it again. I’m going to rate it 6 over 10