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Hello! My name is Max I ´m sixty− four, my favourite heavy group is Mago de oz, I don´t like the carrots the
coffe the eggs and potatoes, and I like the apple, oranges, salad. I like the fruit.
I like watching football on tv and I don´t like doing the washing up, going to the cinema and studying history
I like listening music, dancing in the birthay and shopping in the city, play in the computer and I don´t like go
to the park in the bycicle, I like the flowers and my favourite colours is blue and red, I practise the guitar
every day in the friend´s house. My friend Bobby plays the saxophone I don´t like the saxophone, my
Sports is football and tennis, is very interesting and funny, I don´t like the music pop,
My summer holidays is very interesting, I go to Benidorm with my friend and go to the sea
I like the the summer and I don't like the winter and the spring.
I live in bungalow whit my dog Dover. I has the garden and and the small farm, I like the horror film and
cowboy film it is very exciting! I has go a girl friend your name is
She is english teacher and I live in Valencia she like
spring and the flowers she don´t drive the car and she likes
museum, the park and go to the shopping in the city she
like the romantic film abd she don´t like the war film.
She is funny and she don´t popular in Spain she like the
houses in the beach but she live in block she like London
This is my girl friend and the Big Ben she like go to the park in bycicle and she
like go to the Canarias in boat or plane she don´t like the
monkeys and the insect she don´t like the animals.