Païamboué Middle School

Ca s o d e e s tu d i o : P a ïa m b o u é Mi d d l e S ch o o l
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Païamboué Middle School
Tipo de pro yecto : Nueva co nstrucció n
Tipo de edificio : Escuela, instituto ,
Año de la co nstrucció n : 20 15
Zo na climática : [Aw] Tro pical Wet & Dry
with dry winter.
Superficie útil : 3 470 m 2
Co ste de la co nstrucció n : 15 50 0 0 0 0 €
Número de unidades funcio nales : 40 0
Co ste/m2 : 4 46 7 €/m 2
Co ste/Estudiantes : 38 750 €/Estudiantes
Ko né, Pro vince No rd , 9 8 8 6 0 No uvelleCalédo nie, France
// Descripción
In service since February 20 16 , the Païambo ué middle scho o l is lo cated in the municipality o f Ko ne, in the No rthern Pro vince
o f New Caledo nia. Sized to acco mmo date 40 0 students (with a land reserve allo wing quick expansio n to 6 0 0 students), it
co nsists o f six buildings in educatio nal and administrative functio ns, as well as a spo rts field. This pro ject particularly
inno vative in the territo ry, has been the subject o f a lo cal label appro ach QEC (fo r Caledo nian Enviro nmental Quality) no tably
driven by ADEME and the Go vernment o f New Caledo nia.
Therefo re, it was built fro m the design o f the pro ject, stro ng sustainability criteria, which fo cus o n two areas: the use o f
materials lo cally to inno vative and sustainable features, and adaptatio n to to po graphical, hydraulic and pneumatic land
co ncerned. The first axis is reflected in the use o f techniques such as rammed earth co ncrete (subject to Atex type b with CSTB)
and the timber frame, using raw materials harvested lo cally. The o bjective is to o btain a lo w carbo n fo o tprint and thermal
quality fo r use while minimizing air intakes.
The seco nd o rganizing implantatio n fro m buildings and side o f a tro ugh, at high po ints, land characterized by a tro ugh (respect
the natural terrain, sto rm water management, natural ventilatio n). A metal bridge fo r co mmunicatio n between the two "zo nes".
Ve r m ás de t alle s de e st e pro ye ct o :
http://terra-award.o rg/pro ject/co llege-paiambo ue/
Fiabilidad de lo s dat o s :
Auto declarado
// Actores
Representante del contratista
No mbre : SAEML Grand Pro jet VKP
Ange Marie BENOIT, Directeur Général, am.beno [email protected], + 6 8 7 47 58 0 4
Me t o do de co nt rat o :
Co ntratista General
Filo so f ía am bie nt al de l pro m o t o r : - Objectives: to integrate a lo cal enviro nmental labeling pro cess to a structuring
pro ject fo r its territo ry and beyo nd, sustaining the integratio n o f sustainability criteria in the co nstructio n o f public facilities o n
the VKP area
- Translatio n in the pro ject using an inno vative material and o perated lo cally (stabilized earth co ncrete) to reduce the supply
channels, the carbo n fo o tprint and co sts eventually wo rk o n the thermal characteristics and the maximum adaptatio n
co nstructio ns and develo pment o f all the natural gro und
- This is the first time that we push as much exercise o n o ne o f o ur site, also fo r the first pro vince no rth and almo st to New
Caledo nia, an island territo ry where changing practices (be it in terms cultural o r eco no mic secto rs) in co nstructio n is
particularly co mplicated
- A to tal success o f the pro ject, in the quality o f life fo r the user (and 5 mo nths o f service), fo r the pro gress o f the site,
co mmunicatio n o n the pro cesses o f aesthetic quality, except perhaps fo r the co sts (pro to type appearance)
De scripció n de la arquit e ct ura : 6 buildings (3 wo o d frame, 3 co ncrete stabilized earth) lo cated o n two high po ints o f a
land in the basin, with co nservatio n o f the vegetated central tro ugh fo r sto rmwater management. Selectio n guidelines fo r
o ptimal natural ventilatio n. Earth explo ited lo cally, wo rked o n site, wo o d fro m cut situated in a radius o f 50 km, sawing and
lo cal treatments.
Si t uvie ran que hace rlo o t ra ve z : We have already integrated the co ncrete gro und stabilized in o ur subsequent pro jects.
The aim is to mo unt a real alternative secto r, medium o r lo ng term co urse. This remains a co nfidential pro cess, even o n the
scale e New Caledo nia.
Opinió n de lo s usuario s de l e dif icio : Co mfo rt, especially in a scho o l setting (heat and so und), natural setting, few
artificialities so il, po int o f vigilance o n sto rmwater management (even with precautio ns, build aro und a tro ugh always has
so me risk)
// Energía
Consumo de energía
Ene rgía prim aria ne ce saria :
30 ,0 0 kWh EP/m 2 /an
Ene rgía prim aria ne ce saria po r un e dif icio e st ándar : 50 ,0 0 kWh EP/m 2 /an
Mé t o do de cálculo : Otro s
Co st e de la e f icie ncia e ne rgé t ica de l e dif icio : 0 kWh PE / €
Comportamiento de la envolvente
Valo r de la U :
1,0 0 W.m -2 .K-1
// Renovables y sistemas
Sist e m a de cale f acció n :
Sin sistema de calefacció n
Sist e m a de agua calie nt e :
Bo mba de calo r
Paneles so lares
Sist e m a de re f rige ració n :
Sist e m a de ve nt ilació n :
Ventilació n natural
Sist e m as re no vable s :
Paneles so lares
Bo mba de calo r
// Comportamiento ambiental
// Productos
Stabilized earth concrete
Co nt act o : Clo vis MUTIN
Página we b: http://www.alternativeco nstructio m
Cat e go ría de l pro duct o : Obras estructurales / Estructura - Albañilería - Fachada
De scripció n:
so il mix riddled, cement and water, and stabilized rammed manual co mpresso r, implemented
between two fo rm panels with a thickness o f 40 cm and sucessives layers o f 6 0 cm in height
Co m e nt ario s:
First time in new caledo nia, Atex type B o n this pro ject
// Costes
Co ste de la co nstrucció n : 15 50 0 0 0 0 €
// Entorno urbano
Ent o rno urbano : A suburban area in stro ng develo pment, predo minance o f ho using and public facilities, with an axis o f
structuring circulatio n, lack o f o verall planning strategy, future urban area still characterized by large natural spaces.
// Calidad ambiental del edificio
Calidad am bie nt al de l e dif icio :
Bio diversidad
Obras (incluida la gestió n de residuo s)
Co nfo rt (o lfativo , térmico , visual)
Gestió n del Agua
Pro ceso s de co nstrucció n
Pro ducto s y materiales de la co nstrucció n
// Concurso
The lo cal co ntext: An Island Territo ry in the Pacific Ocean, tro pical climate, remo teness o f the site fro m the capital No umea
(strain in the delivery o f materials and their co st). The pro ject has the fo llo wing advantages:
Use o f enviro nmentally friendly and inno vative materials lo cally: earth po ured co ncrete (land use extracted "o n the spo t",
freedo m fro m traditio nal co ncrete secto r, no table thermal characteristics) and wo o d frames (walls and nets brise so leil)
Detailed thinking abo ut building insulatio n and natural ventilatio n in relatio n to climate (minimizing the presence o f the air
co nditio ner and thus po wer co nsumptio n)
Maximum respect fo r the natural to po graphy terrain shaped tro ugh, especially fo r efficient management o f rainwater and
o ptimal o rientatio n to the prevailing winds: co nstructio n o f buildings o n the two water po ints o f the bo wl-shaped land
co nservatio n in the state o f the central tro ugh, vegetated o riginally. Minimizatio n o f cut / fill.