Refuge du Gouter

Ca s o d e e s tu d i o : Re fu g e d u G o u te r
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Refuge du Gouter
Tipo de pro yecto : Nueva co nstrucció n
Tipo de edificio : Castillo histó rico y o tro s
edificio s
Año de la co nstrucció n : 20 12
Zo na climática : ET
Superficie útil : 6 8 1 m 2
Co ste de la co nstrucció n : 5 50 0 0 0 0 €
Número de unidades funcio nales : 120
Co ste/m2 : 8 0 76 €/m 2
Co ste/Viviendas : 45 8 33 €/Viviendas
, 74170 Saint-Gervais-les-Bains, France
// Descripción
The new Go uter refuge in the Mo nt-Blanc, o ne o f the highest in Euro pe (38 35 m altitude) replaces the o ld building, inadequate
and dilapidated building dating fro m 19 6 2. This building o vo id structure wo o d and metal cladding, real co nstructive and
technical challenge facing the laws o f nature is lo cated 10 0 0 m belo w the summit o f Mo nt Blanc, the mo st frequented ro ute by
Started in spring 20 10 , the site, due to extreme weather co nditio ns, was o ver three spring-summer seaso ns, five mo nths a
year, and was co mpleted in summer 20 12.
Designed to acco mmo date 120 peo ple, the shelter o perates aut o no m o usly:
thermal energy co mes fro m so lar co llecto rs and electricity with pho to vo ltaic panels.
the pro cessing air and the heating is pro vided by a do uble flo w ventilatio n system and a ro tary exchanger.
Sanitatio n is based o n recycling.
Fiabilidad de lo s dat o s :
Certificado po r tercera parte
// Actores
Contratista general
No mbre : Federatio n Francaise des Clubs Alpins et de Mo ntagne (FFCAM)
Président Geo rges Elzière
Sitio web :
Autor del proyecto
No mbre : GROUPE H, So ciété d'Architecture
Hervé DESSIMOZ, E-mail: architectes-ch@gro m, Tél.: +33(0 )1 42 6 6 55 36
Sitio web : http://www.gro m
Acció n : Design and pro ject management o f architectural wo rk, steering unit, OPC
Autor del proyecto
No mbre : DECALAAGE Architecture
Christo phe de LAAGE, E-mail: co [email protected] m, Tél.: +33 (0 )4 50 53 8 1 6 5
Sitio web : m
Acció n : Design and pro ject management architectural wo rk, co nstructio n management
Calculista de estructuras
No mbre : CHARPENTE CONCEPT, Ingénieurs et designers du bo is
Tho mas BUCHI, E-mail: co ntact@charpente-co m, Tél.: + 33 (0 )4 50 0 7 8 0 71
Sitio web : http://www.charpente-co m
Acció n : Design and pro ject management o n batches wo o d structure, exterio r jo inery, steel structure, stainless steel cladding,
steering unit, co nstructio n management
Consultoría térmica
No mbre : CABINET STREM, Ingénieur fluides
Pierre Stremsdo erfer, E-mail: co [email protected], Tél.: + 33 (0 )4 78 17 39 0 9
Sitio web :
Acció n : Design pro ject management o n batch ventilatio n heating, plumbing water pro ductio n, sanitatio n, high and lo w vo ltage
electricity, kitchen equipment.
Calculista de estructuras
No mbre : BETECH SA
Olivier Percie du Sert, E-mail: co [email protected] m, Tél.: + 33 (0 )4 50 8 7 19 6 3
Sitio web : m
Acció n : Design and pro ject management o n the lo t earthwo rks fo undatio ns
Otra consultoría
Michel Meunier, E-mail: info @albedo, + 33 (0 )4 79 6 2 55 41
Sitio web : http://www.albedo
Acció n : Dynamic thermal simulatio ns, enviro nmental quality o f the building
Consultoría ambiental
No mbre : Cabinet DENIZOU, Eco no miste
Stéphane Nardy, E-mail: cbt.denizo u@denizo, Tél.: + 33 (0 )4 78 8 4 44 71
Acció n : Studies o n co nsignments interio r wo o d jo inery, metalwo rk, ceilings, walls, paint, flo o ring, furniture, signage.
Filo so f ía am bie nt al de l pro m o t o r : FFCAM is a multi-spo rt federatio n that o ffers -alpinisme activities, hiking, climbing,
sno wsho eing, air spo rts, mo untain skiing, mo untain biking, canyo ning, caving, etc.- in an exceptio nal enviro nment. The French
Federatio n o f Alpine and Mo untain Clubs also seeks to pro mo te awareness and pro tectio n o f the mo untain, a sensitive
natural enviro nment. It co ntributes to sustainable develo pment o f the high valleys thro ugh its 125 refuges and mo untain
chalets. It is a majo r player in the wo rld o f the mo untain. FFCAM is a member o f the UIAA (Internatio nal Mo untaineering and
Climbing Asso ciatio ns) and the Club Arc Alpin.
De scripció n de la arquit e ct ura : Established in 38 35 meters, o n a plo t o f 20 0 0 m² facing west o verlo o king a ro cky
o utcro p, subject to winds up to 250 km / h and temperatures o f -40 ° C, the architectural co ncept was co nditio ned by his
enviro nment. This situatio n led to a fo cus Harmo nic Energy determining the shape and o rientatio n o f the shelter. To tame the
wind, we studied fluid mechanics and aero dynamics o f the envelo pe. Thus o ur research o n a co nvex structure led us to a plan
ellipse then pro jected in three dimensio ns, an ellipso id o f revo lutio n. The main axis o f the ellipse was placed into the
prevailing wind to guide the depo sitio n o f sno w in a kettle o n the back o f the building. To transpo se the shaped structure, the
elliptical plan was translated into segments o f a circle, divided into 128 equal parts o f trapezo idal o r rectangular facets. This
fo rm is bo th simple and smo o th, has been pro po rtio nally acco rding to the principle o f harmo nic paths, the plane and alo ng
pro file is part o f a go lden rectangle and the sho rt pro file in a square. The aesthetic dimensio n jo ins the ingenuity o f the
building. The wo o den o verall structure represents a vo lume o f 40 0 m3. The 720 m² o f ho llo w bo xes flo o rs based o n a grid o f
beams fixed to 6 9 piles - piles. The assemblies are made by sealing resin. The facets co nstituting the envelo pe are iso lated
by panels wo o d fibers and are co vered with satin stainless steel. Dimensio ned fo r transpo rt, the prefabricated mo dules are
assembled o n site.
// Energía
Consumo de energía
Ene rgía prim aria ne ce saria :
50 ,0 0 kWh EP/m 2 /an
Ene rgía prim aria ne ce saria po r un e dif icio e st ándar : 40 0 ,0 0 kWh EP/m 2 /an
Mé t o do de cálculo :
Co st e de la e f icie ncia e ne rgé t ica de l e dif icio : 0 ,0 0 kWh PE / €
Ene rgía f inal : 32,8 0 kWh EF/m 2 /an
De sglo se de l co nsum o de e ne rgía : - Heating: 4 kWh / m² / year - ho t water: 3.9 kWh / m² / year - Co ld water (melter):
13.6 kWh / m² / year - Electricity: 11.3 kWh / m² / year
Más inf o rm ació n : THE YEAR 20 13 Renewable Energy Pro ductio n: Thermal - 21,50 0 kWh Po wer - 440 0 kWh TOTAL:
25 9 0 0 kWh no n-renewable pro ductio n (co generatio n rescue gro up to vegetable o il): Electrical - 6 9 0 0 kWh The no nrenewable energy savings is 79 % o f final energy pro ductio n. Also no te that 10 0 % o f the final pro ductio n o f thermal energy
fro m the Refuge du Go uter is fro m renewable so urces and reco very.
Comportamiento de la envolvente
Valo r de la U : 0 ,14 W.m -2 .K-1
Más inf o rm ació n : - Exterio r walls: 0 .142 W / mqK - Level Flo o r 0 : 0 .18 8 W / mqK - Ro o f: 0 .9 W / mqK - Windo ws: 0 .139
W / mqK
n50 (I4) m 3 /H.m 2 n50 (Vo l/H) Q4
Valo r de la pe rm e abilidad al aire : 0 ,19
Co nsum o re al (e ne rgía f inal) / m 2:
328 0 0 (20 13)
// Renovables y sistemas
Sist e m a de cale f acció n :
Calo r y energía co mbinado s
Radiado r de agua
Fan co il
So lar thermal
Sist e m a de agua calie nt e :
Paneles so lares
Sist e m a de re f rige ració n :
Enfriado r de agua
Fan co il
Sist e m a de ve nt ilació n :
Flujo de do ble intercambiado r de calo r
Sist e m as re no vable s :
Energía so lar fo to vo ltaica
Paneles so lares
Pro ducció n de e ne rgía re no vable : 79 ,0 0 %
Co mfo rt ventilatio n dimensio ned o n the basis o f 9 m3 / h per perso n. This installatio n co mprises: - A do uble central stream
o f a maximum flo w o f 16 6 0 m3 / h o f fresh air / 16 50 m3 / h o f exhaust air with heat reco very fro m exhaust air ro tary
exchanger (efficiency greater than 75 %), installed in the equipment ro o m. - This turbo fan po wer plant will be equipped with a
ho t water co il (brine) supplied fro m the thermal sto rage tank. - A new air intake in the vacuum refuge, no rthwest side - a side
o uter rejectio n o ppo site, east side - a blo w netwo rked panels freestanding M0 25mm co ated glass wo o l thickness o n the
o utside o f a 10 0 μ aluminum, and o n the inside o f a black high speed sailing anti ero sio n, with insufflatio n in do rms level 3,
ro o ms at custo dian ho using the lo bby, and the lo cal reserves. - A return system galvanized sheet metal with extractio n at
the kitchen ho o d, sto ve o f ro o m, infirmary, sanitary guards, technical ro o m ventilatio n, and public health. It is pro vided o n
the extractio n kitchen triple filtratio n to pro tect the ro tary heat reco very CTA turbo fan - sho ck filters at the kitchen ho o d - Filter
G4 + F7 filter with activated carbo n extractio n kitchen - Des dampers Resettable fire auto no mo usly trigger at 70 ° C o n the
netwo rk blo wing and reco very system, ensuring the co ntinuity o f walls Fire - The air transfers ensuring a scanning all lo cal,
with valves and hatches Fire 1h cro ssing each wall firewall. - An auto matic mo dulatio n o f ventilatio n rate depending o n the
instantaneo us actual o ccupatio n o f refuge.
Thermal energy is pro duced by: a field o f so lar thermal flat plate co llecto rs, belo w the building, o f 54 sqm - Fo r
co generatio n fueled by rapeseed o il, the respo nsibility o f the electricity lo t - Fo r the pho to vo ltaic pro ductio n, the lo ad o f the
electricity lo t The circuit o f so lar thermal co llecto rs feeds by prio rity: -The sno w melter, fo r the pro ductio n o f water -The
preparatio n o f the ballo o n ECS -The energy sto rage ball 20 0 0 liters When the pho to vo ltaic po wer exceeds the po wer
requirements and the electrical sto rage batteries are full, device, the respo nsibility o f the electricity lo t, then allo ws the
transfer o f surplus electrical energy to an electrical resistance 6 kilo watts mo no implanted in the energy sto rage tank. The
thermal energy fro m co generatio n is also sto red in the energy sto rage tank. The thermal energy fro m the energy sto rage
tank is distributed to 4 seco ndary circuits - circuit heaters. - Heating co il CTA turbo fan fan co ils and heating co ils in the
co mmo n ro o m. - Preparatio n o f the ECS. The maximum temperature co nditio n the return to co -generato r to ensure pro per
co o ling it is achieved by means o f a plate heat exchanger o perating o n the sto ck with co ld water, and to send ho t water to
the melter sno w. Pho to vo ltaic panels integrated mo no lycristallins fro nt (9 7 m2). These panels are gro uped into 6 strings.
To tal po wer: 13.58 kWp. Two sets o f electric batteries 24 V 9 70 AH each. Islanding netwo rk installatio n co mprising: - Fo r
each o f the 6 gro ups o f pho to vo ltaic panels, a DC / AC inverter. - Three bidirectio nal inverters between the batteries and the
AC netwo rk. - A device "Smart Lo ad" fo r feeding the resistance o f energy sto rage tank when the pho to vo ltaic po wer exceeds
the po wer requirements and the electrical sto rage batteries are full. The inverters are co nnected by bus and a remo te
transmissio n parameters and alarms via GSM is planned.
Sist e m as de ge st ió n de l e dif icio : The regulatio ns are ensured by digital co ntro llers liaiso nnés by bus. BMS pro vides
supervisio n o f all, the remo te transmissio n o f alarms and remo te diagno sis. Alarm type 1 with detectio n in all lo cal, manual
// Comportamiento ambiental
Emisiones GEI
GEI e n la e t apa de uso :
5,0 0 KgCO 2 /m 2 /an
GEI ant e s de l uso : 319 ,0 0 KgCO 2 /m 2
Vida út il de e dif icio : 50 ,0 0 an(s)
, ,e s de cir, xx año s e n uso : 6 3,8 0 an(s)
GEI de la cuna a la t um ba :
56 9 ,0 0 KgCO 2 /m 2
Mat e riale s e co -dise ñado s : The cho ice o f co nstructio n metho ds and materials aimed at generating efficient buildings,
high energy efficiency under the thermal and mo isture quality, and ensure a go o d quality o f interio r spaces vis-à-vis the
quality and o f the life o f the materials used. The co nstructive cho ices have been adapted co mpared no t o nly to the life o f
o ver 50 years required by the client, but also to climatic and enviro nmental co nstraints (sno w lo ad, average wind speed,
seismic standards ...). In additio n, they are co mpatible with a duratio n o f reduced co nstructio n, difficult wo rking co nditio ns,
inno vative architecture and the use o f each lo cal area o r the wo rk.
Agua, salud y confort
Co nsum o de aguas grise s :
8 2,10 m 3
Co nsum o de agua de lluvia : 157,8 0 m 3
The pro ductio n o f co ld water is ensured by the sno w melter, po wered by so lar thermal circuit and sto ring thermal energy
bo o ster. The do mestic ho t water (DHW) is pro vided by a 10 0 0 L preparatio n ball, fed via a heat exchanger in the so lar
thermal circuit and a bo o ster exchanger o n the seco ndary netwo rk (heating) o f the sto rage flask Energy (extra heat fro m
co generatio n). It was pro duced during the 20 13 seaso n 157.8 m3 o f co ld water at 10 ° C thro ugh the sno w melter; the
thermal energy needed fo r this pro ductio n represents 17 MWh, making it the largest item o f energy co nsumptio n o f refuge.
This energy was pro vided by so lar energy, valued at the average thermal senso rs, and partly by heat reco vered fro m the
o peratio n o f the co generatio n unit. The ho t water o n the seaso n is 78 .7 m3, an average temperature o f 59 ° C, a thermal
energy co nsumptio n o f 4.5 MWh. This energy was also pro vided by so lar energy, and partly by heat reco vered fro m the
o peratio n o f the co generatio n unit.
Calidad de l aire int e rio r : The fan speed is auto matically adjusted acco rding to the actual instant o ccupatio n o f refuge,
since the latter can vary during a day; Mo reo ver, fo r a given to tal wo rkfo rce, the distributio n o f the public between the
do rmito ries and co mmo n ro o m varies. This mo dulatio n is perfo rmed based o n the CO2 co ntent (o r humidity level) air
measured at the co mmo n ro o m. The VMC turbo fan did no t result in any thermal energy co nsumptio n, thanks to its high
efficiency reco very. Its electricity co nsumptio n are integrated electricity balance later in this repo rt. Heating needs were
co vered by so lar energy, and partly by heat reco vered fro m the o peratio n o f the co generatio n unit.
Co nf o rt t é rm ico m e dido : Po ur le reno uvellement d'air nécessaire po ur o btenir une hygro métrie relative de 6 5 % à 20
°C, le dimensio nnement de la ventilatio n se fera sur un débit d'air de 9 m3/h par perso nne et sur la base de l'o ccupatio n
maximale. Lo rs d une o ccupatio n maximale d
Fact o r de luz nat ural : Le fo nctio nnement du refuge du Go ûter est à la fo is diurne et no cturne : l'accès à la lumière
naturel et aux vues n'est pas intrinsèquement un enjeu dans to us les espaces. Il a do nc été valo risé en particulier dans les
« espaces sensibles vis-à-vis de l'é
// Productos
Exterior carpentry VELUX
Pro duct o r: VELUX France
Co nt act o : Christo phe Chambo n
Página we b:
Cat e go ría de l pro duct o : Acabado s / Carpintería exterio r - Puertas y Ventanas
De scripció n:
Since the creatio n o f the first ro o f windo w, there are no w 70 years, the VELUX co mpany has
co ntinued to inno vate to impro ve the living enviro nment thanks to the entry o f natural light and
fresh air thro ugh the ro o f. Present in nearly 40 co untries wo rldwide, VELUX pro ducts adapt to
all types o f architectures and different climates. This co mmitment co uld o nly lead the VELUX
co mpany and its engineers to meet the technical challenge o f designing 55 new windo ws
o utsized Refuge du Go uter.
Co m e nt ario s:
Given the enviro nmental requirements o f the pro ject, the windo ws are wo o d-aluminum jo inery VELUX® "Special GGLX
6 2_6 5 GX" co mpo sed o f a frame, an o pening and a triple glazing co mbined with an additio nal exterio r glazing. Outside
glazing co mpo sitio n inwards: 8 mm hardened / 36 mm air / 4 mm hardened / 10 mm argo n / 3mm reinfo rced / 10 mm argo n /
3.3.2 reinfo rced laminate. nstructio n21.o rg/espana/data/so urces/user (...)
// Costes
Co ste de la co nstrucció n : 5 50 0 0 0 0 €
Costes de construcción y explotación
Co st e glo bal : 5 50 0 0 0 0 ,0 0 €
Co st e de l sist e m a de e ne rgía re no vable : 8 0 0 0 0 0 ,0 0 €
Co st e glo bal/Vivie ndas : 45 8 33,33 €/Viviendas
Co st e de lo s e st udio s : 40 0 0 0 0 ,0 0 €
Co st e t o t al de l e dif icio : 5 0 0 0 0 0 0 ,0 0 €
Ayuda f inancie ra : 2 50 0 0 0 0 ,0 0 €
Co st e de las f act uras de e ne rgía :
1 20 0 ,0 0 €
Co st e re al de la e ne rgía/m 2 : 1,76 € / m 2
Co st e re al de la e ne rgía/Vivie ndas : 10 ,0 0 €/Viviendas
// Entorno urbano
Ent o rno urbano : Lo cated o n the Aiguille du Go uter to 38 35 meters altitude, the refuge welco mes mo untaineers during
their final stage in the co nquest o f the ro o f o f Euro pe - MONT-BLANC. Overlo o king a ro cky o utcro p facing west, this lo catio n
allo ws yo u to secure the whereabo uts o f ro ck climbers and has a quality suitable fo r receiving a stable ancho rage. Subject to
winds up to 250 km / h and temperatures o f minus 40 ° C, the architectural co ncept was co nditio ned by his enviro nment. This
situatio n led to a fo cus Harmo nic Energy determining the shape and o rientatio n o f the shelter.
Supe rf icie de parce la :
Supe rf icie co nst ruida :
20 0 0 m 2
15 %
// Calidad ambiental del edificio
Calidad am bie nt al de l e dif icio :
Obras (incluida la gestió n de residuo s)
Co nfo rt (o lfativo , térmico , visual)
Gestió n de Residuo s
Gestió n del Agua
Eficiencia energética, la gestió n de la energía
Energía reno vable
Gestió n y mantenimiento de lo s edificio s
Gestió n del espacio , la integració n en el sitio
Pro ceso s de co nstrucció n
Pro ducto s y materiales de la co nstrucció n
// Concurso