Phrasal Verbs with Spanish Translation

Phrasal Verbs
– Bring up – mencionar algo. “Dont bring up the problem we had last year”.
– Carry on – “go on” que significa continuar. “We have to carry on with our work”.
– Chase up – encontrar. “I’ll chase up Carlos because I need his help with homework”.
– Come across – encontrarse con alguien de manera inesperada. “I went to the mall and I
came across Claudio. I hadn’t seen him for ages”.
– Come up with – cuando quieres expresar que alguien ha propuesto una buena idea o plan.
“Brenda came up with a great solution”.
– Fall apart – desmoronarse, romperse “The expensive toy we bought our son keeps falling
– Get along – tener una buena relación con alguien. “I don’t get along with Howard. We always
– Get away with – evitar ser castigado por hacer algo o por romper reglas. “He is not going to
prison? I can’t believe he got away with that”
– Get back to – cuando no puedes dar una respuesta inmediata asi que usas este verbo para
decirle que despues le respondes.“So what did you tell John about the problem?I’ll get back to
him later.
– Get over – Suparar “I know it was hard to leave your country but you will get over it”.
– Get through – conectar a la persona con quien quieras hablar por telefono. “Sorry, but I
couldn’t get through to her, I’ll try in ten minutes
– Give up – rendirse, abandonar “I gave up smoking because it was killing me”.
– Go on! – lo mismo que carry on
– Hold on! – esperar. Comun en inglés hablado. “Hold on” Es como WAIT FOR ME.
– Look after – cuidar. “I have to travel next week. Can you look after mu dog?”
– Look into – investigar. “I’ll look into it right away and come back to you assoon as possible!”
– Look up – encontrar algo como en una agenda, en Internet o en algun catalogo. “Can you
look up their address on the Net?”
– Make out –Reconocer o distinguir detalles “I just couldn’t make out what she was saying!”
– Point out – señalar o hacer notar “Braulio pointed out that their department hadn’t done
early shifts for a good while”
– Pull over – detenerse (también usado cuando estas en el carro y detienes el carro llevandolo
a un lado de la carretera) “Can you pull over?. I think we hit a dog”
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– Put down – escribir, anotar “Hold on, I’ll put it down, let me just find a piece of paper!”
– Put forward – proponer una idea. “Can I put forward something?”
– Put off – posponer o dejar para mas tarde “I don’t want to clean my house today,I’ll put it off
till tomorrow”
– Put through – transferir una llamada “Can you put me through to the sales department,
– Run out of– agotarse, acabarse “We just ran out of milk, can you buy some more, please?”
– Run off – imprimir copias de un de algo como un documento “Can you run off a few more
survey sheets, please?”
– Set up – fundar, establecer, instalar “I’ve always dreamt of setting up my own business!”
– Show off – presumir “Michael always likes showing off in front of girls, that’s the way he is!”
– Show up – aparecer (como cuando llegas a una reunion y llegas tarde)“Well, well, look who
decided to show up!” or “He showed up late, and the game had already started without him.”
– Sort out – resolver un problema “ Bill, please do something about the problem. OK, Ok I’ll
sort it out”
– Stand for – representar “What does AWOL stand for?” “What does J.K. stand for in J.K.
Rowling’s name?”
– Stand up for – defender tus derechos. “I’ll definitely stand up for my rights to take summer
holidays this year as I haven’t had them for four years!”
– Stay on – quedarse en algo o en algun lugar mas de lo esperado. “Are you staying on today as
– Stick together – estar juntos (cuando 2 o mas personas paran juntos) “We should stick
together, you know, it’ll be much easier as everyone else seems to be on their own!”
– Take over – asumir. “When the president retires, Mr. Tanaka will take over.”
– Talk down to – hablar con menosprecio haciendo a la otra persona que es es inferior. “He is
his boss but he should talk down to Juan”.
– Turn down – rechazar “I’ll never forget how she turned downmy invitation!”
– Turn up – significa llegar o aparecer. “Has Michael turned up today. I haven’t seen him?”
– Turn out – cuando algo sale diferente a lo que esperado “It turned out that I actually knew
that guy from my
– Watch out! – tener cuidado. “Watch out! The floor is slipery. You might fall”
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