Bi-lingual School resources -All about me and

Please draw a picture on a new page.
I am really good
People who are special to me.
Languages I
I prefer to be called… Prefiero que me
speak. Idiomas
Books I like
que hablo.
Places that I like to go
My Reading.
to e.g. library
Lo que me gusta leer.
Anything else you would like to tell us.
¿Qué más nos quieres contar?
My writing
Todo sobre mí
I feel happy when…
Things I like to talk about.
Me gusta hablar sobre...
Me siento feliz cuando...
Is there
times for me and
anything you
my family e.g.
are frightened
Games I like
I ask for help with…..
Numbers I know
Pido ayuda cuando...
and things I like
Shapes and patterns I notice when
I am out and about or at home.
to count
e.g. pebbles
Treasure box homework for
Reception classes 2013-2014
Please put 3 things into a box that
you would like to talk to your teacher
about when you come to your new
class in September.
It can be anything you like such as….
We can look at the 3 things
together and we hope to get
to know you better this way.
a picture, a shell etc but ask an adult
first and make sure it is not
something too fragile!
Best wishes for a happy holiday and we look forward to seeing you in September.