Aitor Ruiz de Alegría Experience

Aitor Ruiz de Alegría
General Álava, 20
01005 Vitoria (Spain)
+34 94 514 51 18
[email protected]
+34 94 514 51 91
Mergers & Acquisitions
Family Business
Aitor Ruiz de Alegría is a partner in the Firm’s Vitoria Tax department, where he has spent his entire professional career following
a period at Arthur Andersen.
Specializing in tax law, he has taken part in an array of corporate transactions, restructuring processes at corporate groups, wealth
tax design and planning and M&A transactions.
He has participated in various asset reorganization processes at family groups, advising on handover planning at numerous family
Moreover, he has broad experience in providing tax advisory services to real estate companies and serving as a representative for
taxpayers in numerous inspection proceedings.
He is a regular speaker at seminars and conferences organized by the Firm and various specialist centers (Asociación para el
Progreso de la Dirección -APD-, Sindicato Empresarial Alavés –SEA-,Club de Marketing de La Rioja, Federación de Empresarios
de La Rioja, Álava and La Rioja Chamber of Commerce) on tax legislation.
Member of the Basque Country Economists’ Association.
Academic background
Degree in Economics and Business Studies from Universidad de Deusto
Master’s Degree in Foreign Trade (Álava Chamber of Comerce)