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Trade AG
Ref. № 2022-46
Dated 11 October 2022.
Letter of Intent
Ruben Gozalo
Chief Executive Officer
Portman Capital S.L.
Begur 2, Gavà 08850 Barcelona
Dear Mr. Gozalo
In response to your letter from October 7, 2022, we inform you of the following:
We, BASIS TRADE AG, Reg.№ CHE-302.112.195 in the name of Mrs. Beninger Victoria, Member of Board working on
the basis of Charter, are interested in your proposal for the supply of petroleum products. We are actively exploring
possible options for cooperation with a number of our partners.
At the moment there is an interest in purchasing diesel fuel. The parameters of the possible transaction are listed
The name of the goods:
Contract term:
Quantity contract:
Term of first trail:
Diesel EN590 10PPM/95
CIF Constanta, Romania
6 month. With the possibility of extension
150 000 metric tons (+/- 5%)
25.000 mt per month
November 2022
Please confirm the availability of this product and your interest in the selling of this product under the conditions
described above. We kindly ask you to send us your supply proposal. In the proposal, please indicate the proposed
price formula and the payment terms
Contacts for communication:
Oleg Simchenko, Partner
Yours faithfully,
Victoria Beninger
Member of Board
Alte Haslenstrasse 5, 9053 Teufen AR, Switzerland, Registration No CHE 302.112.195 dated 14.07.2017