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Evidence Street life

Learning activity 4 / Actividad de aprendizaje 4
Evidence: Street life / Evidencia: Día a día en las calles
Look at the following image and describe the different activities people are doing
while they are walking around the street. Also, describe their outfits. / Observe la
siguiente imagen. Describa las diferentes actividades que las personas están
realizando mientras circulan por la calle y, también, sus atuendos.
Fuente: SENA
Examples / Ejemplos:
1. Lisa:
She’s walking and listening to music. She is having coffee and
a croissant. She’s wearing a black dress and sneakers.
2. Charlie:
He is somewhat happy and is taking a letter with a message to
a mailbox that is red and he wears an orange shirt
3. Michael:
he is walking his pet while the dog is chasing a cat he keeps
walking normally he has a red wine colored t-shirt one black
pant and brown shoes
4. Andy:
he is sitting and drinking coffee and seems to be watching the
newspaper with Louise and he is wearing a black jacket, gray
pants and black shoes
5. Louise:
he is sitting next to andy, he is reading a newspaper and
drinking coffee, and he is wearing a dress and has a black hat