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Analysis of Taxi driver

Alan Reyes
Fs 100 Fall 2020
University of Alberta
Analysis of Taxi driver
In Taxi driver director Martin Scorsese consistently uses voice-over narration, and music
when filming Travis, to express and let us understand his thoughts and state of mind throughout
the film. The interludes of him writing in his diary with a loud orchestra illustrate the downfall of
Travis’s frame of mind from being hopeful to later in the film going desperate and lonely.
In the beginning, we come to know what Travis’ thoughts on his surrounding which is
not optimistic, but he has hope to live a life like everyone else. Later he describes this beautiful
woman, betty, whom he feels an attraction to, giving him a purpose to peruse a relationship with
her. All of this is filmed in a voiceover narration, with a beautiful slow song as it can be
interpreted as him feeling hopeful
But later in the movie, he makes a wrong impression on betty. He expresses to his diary
(us the audience) how his life took a turn for the wrong as the music in the scene turns into a
very loud orchestra with an uncomfortable environment, illustrating that something is not right.
A very important element while all of this happens is a bouquet of roses slowly dying, as his
hope dies. He changes his perspective on life making him see everyone as “scum”
Right after meeting with Iris, the orchestra music gives off a feeling that something is
going very wrong, as he lights on fire the flowers, he had in his room with a close up shot, and a
very tense orchestra playing. which can be interpreted as Travis sanity decaying, as the film
comes to an end.
Loneliness, and despair, can make hope seem unreachable, as Travis perspective in life
slowly deteriorated, making him make terrible decisions. The director portrays a perfect
illustration of Travis’ mind with the use of music and voice over narration.