Duke Ellington

Duke Ellington was one of America's greatest composers: jazz composer, pianist, and band leader. He has
been called the first composer of African−American music as well as the most prolific; he composed in a way
that always considered the interests of his orchestra members, and for this reason, his band tended to have
veteran members for over twenty years.
This book is about a man named Duke Ellington that was born in April 29, 1899. He grew up in a
middle−class society in Washington DC. At seven years old he used to take piano lessons. At first he wasn't
interested in music but about thirteen years old he started playing for parties and began interesting more in it.
He wrote lots of compositions when he was young. When he wasn't able to take the Art Institute from New
York he had to work as a clerk and painter while he pursued his real love, music. During this time, he began
his first band. Then he learned jazz piano thanks to James Johnson and Willie Smith. He began developing his
own distinctive style. From here, he had a new band for a nightclub. The members of the band started to have
their individual sound, and it was amazing.
His music was created with his orchestra. However, it was also a part of all the individual members of the
orchestra. Duke headed this collection of talented musicians. He was the first to write music for specific
players, which is one of the explanations for why so many talented soloists stayed with his band for a long
My conclusion: I didn't like so much the book, it's boring. I think we should read another kind of books that
can entertain us.