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Central locking and alarm

OK to remove the top case, pull the pillion seat and undo two barrel connectors and one little two pin
flat connector (this is actually the pins for the top case central locking actuator). Then take the liner out
of the top case and undo the four big bolts in the bottom. Then remove the plate under the top case to
access the alarm.
Now you are ready to get to the alarm.
Connectors in blue are the ones to remove the top case.
The two in red are for the central locking on the panniers.
The connector circled in green has the pin 1 and pin 12 that
drives the front central locking actuator.
This 12 pin is also the one you will jumper if you want to
bypass the alarm altogether.
Now to open the central locking actuators for the panniers apply 12 volts to the pins in the two pin
connectors Circled in red. Put 12 v on one and ground the other pin. If that does not unlock it then
reverse the connection by putting 12 v on the other pin and then ground the remaining one.
Do the same for the free two pin connector ON the top case. Then to open the oddiments box actuator
pull the 12 pin connector circled in green and apply 12 v to pin 1 and ground to pin 12, if that does not
unlock it then reverse the connection and apply 12 v to pin 12 and ground to pin 1.
If you want to just bypass the alarm then take that same 12 pin connector and jumper pins 3
(black/white/yellow) to pin 11 (black/yellow); this is the starter button signal to the starter relay.
Then jumper pin 10 (green/violet, switched power) to both pin 2 (Green, flasher module) and pin 6
(blue/violet, engine electronics relay). Now the bike will start and run normally and your flashers will