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Recommendation Letter

Alexandria Main University Hospitals,
Borg el Arab University Hospital,
New Borg el Arab City, Alexandria, Egypt, 21934.
Recommendation Letter
I am writing this recommendation letter at the request of Mr. Mohamed
Mabrouk, who is applying for a visiting observership at ESO clinical training
center I have known Mohamed Mabrouk for 3 years in my capacity as an
Associate Professor of pediatric oncology at Alexandria Clinical Oncology and
Nuclear Medicine Department ,Alexandria university , and as a general
manager of Borg el Arab University Hospital , Children Cancer centerMr.
Mabrouk has impressed me with his outstanding clinical sense and decision
making skills during his residency which alongside with his clinical knowledge,
good patient care and perfect communication skills with patients’ relatives
made me believe in his ability to be a great Pediatric oncologist .
On clinical level, I have supervised Mr. Mabrouk in both the inpatient ward and
outpatient clinic. He showed an exceptional work managing the inpatient
pediatric ward, from supportive care ,managing many clinical complications
from Radiotherapy and Chemotherapy to supervising the chemotherapy
treatment ward according to the specific guidelines and chemotherapy
protocols , Also he showed a rapid learning curve in outpatient oncology clinic
from accurate history taking , careful clinical examination , and Radiological
requests to proper diagnosis and discussing the perfect management plan with
his older colleagues and discussing the nature of disease and management
with children parents or legal guardians .
Mr. Mabrouk has dealt with a big number of pediatric oncology cases, either hematological
malignancies, mostly Acute lymphoblastic leukemia, Burkitt’s lymphoma and Solid tumors as Wilm’s
tumor, Neuroblastoma, Osteosarcome, PNET and CNS tumors, his excellent clinical knowledge and
reading different clinical trials and management guidelines with his hard working in his residency either
in Inpatient or outpatient settings enabled him to be one of the best 5% residents I have in my hospital
to help in proper management of these different disease alongside with the pediatric oncology team.
On Academic level, I have taught Mr. Mabrouk in his Master course Modules, which he had finished
most of them with an distinction, his readings, knowledge and hard work enabled him to win a very
competitive scholarship, which is Chevening Scholarship to study Oncology masters in The University of
Nottingham, UK, which I really encouraged him to apply for, believing in his outstanding abilities.
In conclusion, I would highly recommend Mohamed Mabrouk for this Fellowship Program in a great
institution like Nottingham University Hospitals, it will add a lot to his clinical Experience. If there is any
Enquiry, or further information please don’t hesitate to contact me by phone, or by mail.
Shady Fadel
Associate Professor of Clinical Oncology, Alexandria University.
General Manager of Borg El Arab University Hospital, Children Cancer Center.
[email protected]