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Alejandra essay on stress notes

Ester Alejandra Rosado Pulido
Writing Skills Upper
Nowadays, stress has become a relevant issue in people’s life worldwide. There are
some persons that attribute this problem to our hurried routine. We have to be
productive and competitive in order to survive in society, especially in big cities.
Nevertheless, the good news is that stress could be regulate and reduce.
In recent years anxious traits turned part of our everyday, there is more people that
requires medication or even drugs to manage their nervousness and be “functional”.
Firstly, I think one of the causes of this chronic stress is the economic uncertainty in
our daily life. We live in a capitalism model, where we have to produce and work at
least eight hours every day in order to receive a salary that helps paying the bills,
food and shelter. Besides, it is known that most of the countries have a high
unemployment rate, an issue that causes an important concern in individuals.
On the other hand, stress is also visible in work and academic atmosphere. Where
people have to be competitive and, in some cases, selfish in order to reach their own
goals and be valued by the public. The pressure of being the best one or have success
in life cause in individuals’ high levels of stress that will affect their physical and
emotional health. There are some researchers that founded a large percentage (60%)
of university students in Mexico experimenting chronic stress due to the academy
demand and competitive environment in school. Nevertheless, there are some
options that could decrease anxiety levels in our daily life. One of them is to look for
activities that can generate pleasure and calm like exercise, yoga or even singing
classes. In case of suffer high levels of stress, it is more convenient to start a
therapeutic process with a mental health professional.
To sum up, stress phenomena is more common in the present. People feel under
pressure in work and school places. It is important to detect when we are having
these negative sensations in order to look for professional help or begin new
activities than can make us relax and have a better quality of life.
What was good
Well-organized text
You included examples to support
your ideas
You also used clear signposting
language to show transitions
between ideas/parts.
What needs some work
Some phrases are a bit odd. Try to use
common collocations instead of
You only devoted one line to
discussing what could be done to
prevent this problem. It seems a bit
short given that it was explicitly stated
in the task. You might also want to
consider writing about this in a
separate paragraph so that similar
ideas are grouped together.