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work english 4

María Alejandra Cadena Sánchez
Youth unemployment
One factor is the lack of connection between higher education or university and world of work.
In that way, young people haven´t to much knowledge about trading platforms for choose the
best option for themselves; the functioning of industrial relations or their labour rights. Other
factor that can contribute to youth unemployment is the low wages offered to young people,
so that can demotivate them. The last factor that I consider important, is the level of education
that youth have in Colombia, because there are still high figures of young people who have not
finished school or university. The consequences of all this factors is informal labour or/and jobs
that don´t take advantage of young people skills. For that reason, it is important that the
government and educational institutions intervene in this problematic. First, to give greater
attention to the quality of school education so that taste for learning can be awakened. Also is
important to identify the other reason of school dropout to work them. Second is important
the promoting incentives in the workplace, so young people see this like a good and promising
option and finally publicize how the world of work works and ways to find options.