UI REA-230 - Connecticut Department of Labor

UI REA-230 (New 9/15)
Connecticut Department of Labor
Unemployment Insurance Work Search Record
¡IMPORTANTE! Este document(s) contiene información importante sobre sus derechos, obligaciones y/o beneficios de
compensación por desempleo. Es muy importante que usted entienda la información contenida en este document.
You must actively search for suitable work while claiming Unemployment Insurance
To prepare for your scheduled UI REA meeting, please provide information about your work search efforts, starting with the
week you first filed for benefits and continuing through the week of your scheduled meeting. All weeks must be included. If
you have rescheduled your meeting, you will also need to include any efforts to find work that you made in the time between
your original meeting and your rescheduled meeting.
In general, you must apply to or contact a total of at least three (3) employers (the contacts must be made on at least two
separate days) for each week you claim unemployment benefits. In addition to this meeting, you may be selected at random
for an audit of your work search efforts at any time while you are filing for unemployment benefits. If you fail to provide
detailed information of acceptable work search efforts when requested, you may be disqualified from receiving
unemployment benefits for the weeks in question. For this reason, it is extremely important that you keep records
regarding your work search for each week that you receive unemployment benefits.
If you have no work search efforts to report, check the “N/A” box.
Date of
Employer Name, Address
And Telephone Number
Method of
Name of
Contact Person
Please use reverse side to record additional contacts.
I certify that the information contained in this form is true and correct.
Applied For
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