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Business Ethics

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Business Ethics
These subjects are delicate for all of us and fearing the death of our loves ones
is a sensitive subject as losing someone close to us is, will and will always be
If we take a look at the first question, we can see that my uncle who is older
and not well, I would find it wrong to sacrifice the small boy’s life to safe my
old family member. This comes down to numerous reasons, nevertheless, the
main characteristic which backs up my decision would be the fact that he has
aged and is not well. It would be unethical to swap the name on the list to this
young boy’s name, as he has his whole life ahead. I would also apply the same
opinion to my sick nephew who is shortly to pass away. If it is likely for him to
die, it would be wrong to sacrifice a healthy boy that could live on.
Nevertheless, if my son was sick and had a chance to live, I would change the
name on the list. A father’s bond with his child is irreplaceable and can´t be
changed with absolutely anything. The love for one’s child is unexplainable and
when put in this situation a father will do anything to protect his child.
Lastly, I would definitely not take into consideration sacrificing a thousand
people for my wife as I have to understand that all those people are too
mothers, fathers, sisters, brothers etc..
According to Consequentialism, we can see that the process of swapping the
young child’s name for my uncle is wrong, however, the outcome which would
be positive (my uncle living). This would be correct if we looked at this matter
in a Utilitarianism point of view.
However, if we