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Name: Camilo Villalobos.
SCN: 1924625
Date: 02/14/2020
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The red moon or also called “Blood Moon” phenomenon is a celestial event that
rarely happens. It occurs when planet earth passes between the moon and the sun blocking
the sun rays. Parts of the solar rays are bended by Earth´s atmosphere reflecting a tone of
brown over the moon surface that can alternate to red during the event. Because of that, it is
the popular belief that the moon has turned into a “Blood Moon”, but it is simply/just a
total moon eclipse. This kind of visual display is the same as what we see during the sunset
when we see some reddish and orange colors in the atmosphere. Scientists explain that it’s
not harmful to see the moon eclipse directly and you don’t need of any kind of eye
protection. Contrary to some folklore beliefs about turning into a werewolf or the beginning
of end of the world, there are no such effects caused by this sort of celestial events over
human beings or other species on Planet Earth.