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First task

First task
Gabriela Romero Castro
“Jiménez, Edgar. (1989). Mi foto favorita. Recuperado de”
I choose this image because I considered the era of Pablo Escobar a very important period of
time in the history of Colombia. Violence and drug trafficking are words that best describe
this era. This photo belongs to one of the most famous characters of this period of time Edgar
Jimenez most known as El chino. He was the personal photographer of the most feared person
in Colombia, Pablo Escobar was one of the most wanted drug dealers of 1990. Pablo Emilio
Escobar Gaviria controlled over 80 percent of the cocaine shipped to the USA, he entered
that world in 1970, collaborating with others criminals in Medellin. He earned popularity by
helping Medellin growth and doing charity projects, he also is recognized for being
responsible for the death of thousands citizens.
This photo was taken on February 24, 1989 at the birthday party of his son, Juan Pablo, at
the Hacienda Napoles. This image was Jimenez's favorite photo because he said that in that
picture we could notice that Escobar was also a human, a person with worries and feelings.
I think this image is very interesting because it shows the other part of the story, the chapter
of a person who loves Pablo and admire him. This violent era calls my attentions because it’s
part of Colombia history also is full of mystery.
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