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CBD Director of Partnerships and Business Engagement via WEF

08 July 2019
Guatemala City, Guatemala
To whom it may concern:
I would like to apply to the position of Director, Partnership and Business Engagement-Nature
Action Agenda (secondee to the UN Convention on Biological Diversity in Montreal).
My work experience of more than 25 years in sustainable development, with a focus on
conservation management and corporate sustainability, puts me in a competitive position for this
opportunity. For example, I have managed programs and projects of national and regional impact,
through a local NGO (SalvaNATURA) and an international NGO (Sustainable, Agriculture NetworkRainforest Alliance), as well as programs and projects of regional / global impact, through IUCNInternational Union for Conservation of Nature. In the latter organization, from 2009-2011, I was
Global Program Director in charge of Greening the World Economy and Sustainable Energy
thematic program areas. Although these were new themes for IUCN, I helped in positioning IUCN
in the international arena as an organization that aims to facilitate a transition to a green economy
and towards a more sustainable energy future that safeguards biodiversity and identifies the
potential for nature as an energy solution.
I also was the Director of the Global Business and Biodiversity Program at IUCN. I was in charge of
managing partnerships with large multinationals such as Royal Dutch Shell, Holcim Rio Tinto,
Nestlé- Nespresso, among others. Most importantly, I oversaw the development and
implementation of all global thematic related initiatives, including fund-raising and maintaining
good relations with donor and funding agencies so as to ensure financial viability of the program.
In terms of Policy, while at IUCN, I had the experience of coordinating the analysis of relevant
policies and the dissemination of policy information and advice on issues related to various parts
of the Union. I also ensured that IUCN was adequately represented in relevant international fora
and negotiations, either directly through me or key team members. In addition, I developed and
maintained appropriate collaboration and partnerships with relevant organizations on issues of
mutual interest. In terms of Programme Development and implementation, I took a lead role in
the development of the Union´s engagement in the thematic areas under my leadership, providing
vision and guidance in developing a well-defined strategic focus, ensuring effective programming
and implementation, undertaking analysis and evaluation of on-going programmatic activities and
ensuring that high quality of technical and policy advice were given to field programmes and
In terms of experience in public policy at a local level, I have participated in Central American
processes related to the development of municipal and national policies, mostly focused on the
theme of water resources, sanitation, natural areas including wetlands and biodiversity. In
addition I have also participated in government and UNDP led discussions related to implementing
the SDGs for El Salvador and Guatemala. Similarly, but while leading the Salvadoran Business
Council for Sustainable Development, in 2015 we hosted a workshop with key private sector
representatives in regards to the 2030 agenda and the role of the private sector as key
contributor. At international level, and through IUCN, I promoted improvements to international
conventions within the framework of the UN, specifically to the CBD, within the context of the
Strategic Plan for Biodiversity 2011-2020, including the Aichi Biodiversity Targets. I also had the
opportunity to participate and support the CBD´s Business and Biodiversity Forum at COP 10 in
In terms of recent and relevant private sector experiences I have been developing sustainability
strategies for large companies in Central America including Banco Industrial, the region’s largest
bank with more than $ 16 Billion in assets, helping them align their performance with the SDGs in
regards to their environmental and social risk.
In brief, my experience as a whole has also allowed me to direct and manage multidisciplinary
teams and significant budgets for various projects at local, regional and international levels. These
programs and projects have been funded by international agencies, foundations and donors,
including the private sector. With regard to the latter, I have had the opportunity to forge
partnerships with large multinational companies based in Europe, as well as with multi-regional
companies based in the Central America region. Most of these partnerships have dealt with
helping the companies minimize their environmental impact and also to contribute funds to
protected area plus biodiversity conservation and management. Having said the above, raising the
CBDs global public profile and growing its business membership, especially in Latin America,
thanks to my specific network, should clearly be a strong area of my focus within this specific
As for the general skills and competencies required for the position, I consider that I fulfill a high
percentage of them. From strategic and innovative thinking and good understanding of world
affairs, specially biodiversity conservation and sustainability issues, and experience in the workings
of governmental and non-governmental institutions, to managing teams in multicultural settings,
communications, being fully bilingual (English and Spanish), and PR skills, I strongly believe that I
am ready to take this next step in my career. Given the above experience, I am very much
enthused by the fact that I can have the unique opportunity to have a much stronger impact in the
results of the CBD COP 15 and the post-2020 biodiversity framework.
Sincerely yours,
Juan Marco Alvarez
Grethel Aguilar, Acting Director General at IUCN and Mesoamerica Regional Director
Alejandro Iza, Director of the IUCN Environmental Law Center
Diego Ruiz, Deputy Director and Chief of HR Management, Office of Human Resources at UNDP