Sapo común de cresta larga (Incilius macrocristatus)

Sapo común de cresta larga (Incilius
N omb res comu n es: Sapo crestón (Español) / Hugh-crested toad (Inglés)
Si n ón i mos: Bufo macrocristatus, Bufo valliceps subsp. macrocristatus
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Range description 1,2
This species' geographic range extends from Los Chimalapas region in south-central Oaxaca, Mexico, south and east
along the Atlantic versant as far as the Sierra de los Cuchumatanes in Guatemala. It occurs at 1,000-1,600m asl.
Habitat and ecology 1,2
Hab i tat an d Ecol ogy
This species is mainly associated with high humid areas in cloud forest and, in Mexico, pine-oak-Liquidambar forests. It
breeds in streams.
Iucn red list assessment 1,2
R ed Li st Category
R ed Li st Cri teri a
Versi on
Year Assessed
Needs updating
Georgina Santos-Barrera, Manuel Acevedo
R evi ewer/s
Global Amphibian Assessment Coordinating Team (Simon Stuart, Janice Chanson, Neil Cox and Bruce Young)
Con tri b u tor/s
Ju sti fi cati on
Listed as Vulnerable because its Area of Occupancy is less than 2,000 km2, its distribution is severely fragmented, and
there is continuing decline in the extent and quality of its habitat in Mexico and Honduras.
Population 1,2
Pop u l ati on
It is rare across its range.
Pop u l ati on Tren d
Threats 1,2
M aj or Th reats
The major threats to this species are habitat loss, due to agriculture and human settlement, and water pollution.
Conservation actions 1,2
Con servati on Acti on s
The conservation, expansion and management of cloud forest are key measures to preserve this species since it has
not been recorded from any of the Biosphere reserves in Chiapas, Mexico. It also does not occur in any protected area
in Guatemala.
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2. © International Union for Conservation of Nature and Natural Resources, some rights reserved