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Susan bought a new washing machine from
an appliance store. After the delivery person
left her home, she noticed several scratches
and dents on the front of the machine. She
called the company’s toll-free number and
yelled at the person who answered the
No. 1
Lara noticed that on her cell phone bill there
are several charges for calls to Peru. She is
certain that no one in her family made the
long distance calls. This kind of mistake has
happened before. She calls the phone
company and tells them to disconnect the
number because she wants to switch to a
new phone company.
No. 2
Luis parked his brand new car at the parking
lot of his school. He went to classes and
when he returned, he realized his car had a
dent on the pilot’s door. No note was left on
his car and no cars were around when he
returned. He went to his school’s security
office, but they refused to help him or show
him the security cameras.
No. 3
The IT department at Ana’s job didn’t help her
when her office computer stopped working.
She went directly to them but didn’t get an
answer to her request after the 12 hours
established. She got a co-worker from
another department to help her out and got
her office computer working again. After two
days the IT department went to her office and
realized the problem had been fixed.
No. 4
Irina purchased an extended warranty for a laser
printer in her home office. The printer stopped
working during a crucial deadline for her
consulting work. As a result, Irina lost income.
She returned to the store where she purchased
the printer in order to file a claim (to make a
complaint and request an exchange). She did
not have her receipt or the original box and
packing materials for the printer.
No. 5
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