The Plaza de Armas, is considered the historical

The Plaza de Armas is considered the historical centre of Santiago. Pedro de
Valdivia founded Santiago in 1541. Over the course of the years, the city was
growing around this space, situated in the quadrant consisting of the following
streets: Catedral at the north, 21 de Mayo and Estado at the east, Compañia at
the south and the Paseo Ahumada and Paseo Puente at the west.
By 1860 the first flower gardens were planted, together with the trees shading
this place.
The square is surrounded by historical buildings as the Catedral Church
edified in several versions, the last one dating from 1780 to 1789 by the
architect Joachim Toesca. You can also find the Central Post Office erected in
1882, the City Hall (formerly occupied by the Cabildo - the Town Council- and
the jail), the Museo Historico Nacional (Museum of Chilean history) and the
City Hall, Church of Santo Domingo.
HOW TO GET: Taxi,. Metro Line 5 get off at Plaza de Armas Station