Spelling_Bee_Flyer 2015 - Bienvenidos a Saint Louis School Spa

To the spelling bee contestant winners
Saint Louis School
3rd Level First Place Juan Diego García
6th Level First Place Elias Nuñez
Second Place Diego Villagrán
Second Place Emilia Araya
Third Place Rocío García
Third Place Isidora Antoine
4th Level First Place María Pía Piña
7th Level First Place Catalina Angulo
Second Place Maximiliano Luna
Second Place Fernanda Torres
Third Place Valentina Brossard
Third Place Tiare Mellado
5th Level First Place Francisco Belmar
Media Level First Place Banetza Jara
First Place Santiago Villagrán
Second Place Josefa Tapia
Second Place Santiago Paredes
Third Place Denisse Jara
Thank to you students, families and
teachers for encouraging the participation
in this interesting way to learn English.
Saint Louis School English Department