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August 14, 2016 / 14 de Agosto, 2016
“Food for Thought” from the Respect Life Committee: “Perhaps
one of your friends has become pregnant unexpectedly. As
someone who has been there, I encourage you to support your
friend in her new journey of being a mother. … Your support
might be the only support she receives.” — “10 Ways to Support
Her When She’s Unexpectedly Expecting”
USCCB Secretariat of Pro-Life Activities (
A FREE Natural Family Planning (NFP) Full Course (with intro.)
Will be offered in Newton at St. Joseph Catholic Church on
September 17th from 1pm to 5pm.
Topics to be covered include:
* Effectiveness of modern NFP methods
* Health risks of popular contraceptives
* Benefits of NFP - health, relational, and spiritual
* Church teaching on marital sexuality
* to use NFP
For more information, go to or to RSVP, contact:
Batrice Adcock, MSN, at Catholic Charities (704)-370-3230 or
[email protected].
Information Link:
“Para la Reflexion” Del Comité de Respeto a la Vida: “Tal vez
una de tus amigas haya quedado embarazada inesperadamente.
Como alguien que ha pasado por eso, te animo a que apoyes a
tu amiga en su nueva senda de ser madre. … Tu apoyo puede
ser el único que reciba”. — “10 Maneras de apoyarla cuando
está esperando sin haberlo esperado”
Secretariado de Actividades Pro-Vida de la USCCB
Planificación Familiar Natural
Que es el Metodo de Planificacion Familiar Natural y como utilizar
Sus Beneficios
Riesgos y efectos secundarios de la contraception hormonal
Enseñansas de la Iglesia
Curso Gratis, 3 de Septiembre, Iglesia Católica de San Aloysius,
Hickory, de 9 am a 1 pm, contacto Isabel Romero, (828)-327-2341.
Information Link:
Respect Life Conference: Saturday, August 27, at Christ the King
Catholic High School, Huntersville. Catholic Charities will provide
an opportunity for prayer and educational engagement to promote the
respect and protection of human life, particularly human life at its
most vulnerable stages. The keynote presenter is Fr. Joseph Koterski,
S.J., Professor of Philosophy of Fordham University. The conference
includes workshops on a variety of topics, including: post abortion
healing ministries; resources for parents experiencing a pre-natal
diagnosis; and end-of-life ethics. Mass will be celebrated at 9:00 AM
in the school chapel prior to the 10:30 AM start of the educational
proceedings. The conference ends at 3:30 PM. There is no charge to
attend but registration is required. Go to
for further information. To register, email [email protected] by August 22.
Stress in Your Marriage? – Retrouvaille is a program for married
couples that feel bored, disillusioned, frustrated, or angry in their
marriage. Some experience coldness. Others experience conflict in
their relationship. Most don’t know how to change the situation. This
program has helped many couples experiencing such difficulties. For
confidential information or to apply to attend the program beginning
with a weekend on September 16th call 800-470-2230 or email:
[email protected] or visit the web site at
St. Joseph Catholic Church
Iglesia Catolica San Jose
Monday / Lunes
Rv 11: 19a; 12: 1-6a, 10ab /
1 Cor 15: 20-27 / Lk 1: 39-56
Tuesday / Martes
Ez 28: 1-10 / Mt 19: 23-30
Wednesday / Miércoles
Ez 34: 1-11 / Mt 20: 1-6
Thursday / Jueves
Ez 36: 23-28 / Mt 22: 1-14
Friday / Viernes
Ez 37: 1-14 / Mt 22: 34-40
Saturday / Sábado
Ez 43: 1-7a / Mt 23: 1-12
Sunday / Domingo
Is 66: 18-21 / Heb 12: 5-7, 11-13 /
Lk 13: 22-30
that any time you are away or do not receive a bulletin
after Mass, you can access church information and see
the weekly bulletin on the church web site at
On Sunday August 21st at 2:00 p.m.—St. Thomas Aquinas Church: Will host our 5th Annual Polish Diocesan Mass in Honor of Our
Lady of Czestochowa and Pope St. John Paul II. Polish priest Rev. Jan Trela will be Celebrant and Rev. Mr. James Witulski will assist as
Deacon. This Mass will be in the Polish language with the homily given in both English and Polish. This Mass will fulfill your Sunday
Mass obligation. Confessions in Polish and English will be heard beginning at 1:00 p.m. A Polish Choir will provide music and singing
during the Mass. Anyone owning traditional native Polish attire is encouraged to wear it to the Mass. After the Mass, the faithful will have
the opportunity to venerate a 1st Class Relic of Pope St. John Paul II; a drop of his blood on a fragment of his cassock from the day he was
shot in 1981!
After the Mass, there will be a dessert reception with other light refreshments. Your donation of these refreshments is appreciated and can
be dropped off before the Mass at Aquinas Hall, located across the courtyard from the Church. Thus, if you are of Polish heritage, or just
love Our Lady and Pope Saint John Paul II, or if you would like to experience another culture, you are invited to attend this very special
and popular Mass at St. Thomas Aquinas Church, 1400 Suther Road, Charlotte, which is located off University City Blvd., near UNC
Charlotte. For more information, call Mary at 704.290.6012.
720 West 13th Street – Newton, North Carolina 28658
Church (828) 464-9207 Holy Family Hall (828) 465-2878
E-Mail address: [email protected]
Rev. James M. Collins, Pastor/Parroco
Rev. Mr. Scott D. Gilfillan, Deacon/Diacono
Our Mission Statement
We, the Catholic Community of St. Joseph’s, embrace Jesus Christ as Lord, Savior, and center of our lives. We commit to fostering
belief through education, faith, through action, and fellowship through love and reconciliation. In the spirit of unity, we shall proclaim
and bring to all, Jesus, the Light of the world
Declaración de Intenciones
Nosotros, la comunidad católica de San José, aceptamos a Jesus Cristo como nuestro Señor, Salvador y centro de nuestras vidas. Nos
dedicamos a promover la creencia através de la educación, fe, acción, compañerismo através de amor y reconciliación. En el espíritu
de unidad, debemos proclamar y llevar a todos, Jesus, la Luz del mundo.
Mass Schedule/Horarios de Misa
5:00 p.m. Mass
9:00 a.m. Mass
11:45 a.m. Misa en Español
Weekdays/Días de Semana
12:10 p.m.
12:10 p.m.
8:30 a.m.
8:30 a.m.
Holy Days as Announced/Días de Santo Cuando Anunciado
Barbara Nesbitt, Admin. Assistant - 464-9207
9:00 a.m. – 1:00 p.m., Mon-Fri (Closed Wednesday)
De Lunes a Viernes 9:00 a.m. - 1:00 p.m.
(Cerrada los Miércoles)
Sacrament of Reconciliation/Sacramento de
4:00 to 4:30 p.m. or by appointment
4:00 to 4:30 p.m. o por cita
By appointment following instruction
Clases 2 do Domingo de cada mes—después de
Arrangements must be made 6 months in advance
Comunicarse 6 meses antes
Community Life ..…………….. Barbara Nunziata – 241-4143
Faith Formation ……………………… Kara Thorpe – 464-9207
Minister of Music…………………. Eileen Crider – 244-9236
Ministry to Sick & Homebound … Donna Sharman – 459-2605
Coord. Del Ministerio Hispano…… Orlando Avalos – 238-2413
Bautismos …………….…… Carlos A. & Beatriz E. – 238-8412
Matrimonios …………..…. Orlando y Maria Avalos – 238-2413
Ministerio de Liturgia…............. Florencio Vazquez – 234-6238
Ministerio de Musica……………..… Raul Martinez – 291-0056
Knights of Columbus……..…….…Ransom Graham – 303-7491
Prime Timers…………………...…….. Betty Snipes – 459-7918