Stuckert no. 10488 I have not seen. The description of the var

J. Th. Henrard, A Critical Revision of the Genus Aristida.
Stuckert no. 10488 I have not seen. The description of the var.
argentina does not agree with all the plants cited. The numbers
10458, 11013 and 17305 have a first glume longer than the second,
they belong to a very different perennial species {Aristida leptochaeta HACK.). Only the number 11446 has a first glume shorter
than the second, in accordance with the description. As to the
question „ W h a t is the type", I am of the same opinion as Prof.
HITCHCOCK. The description ought to control the selection of the
type specimen, and the description prevails, hence the number 11446,
the only one with a lower glume shorter than the upper, is taken
as the type, t h a t is the specimen from which the description was
drawn (See Journal of Botany June 1924).
The type specimen is a perennial plant and belongs to Aristida
subinterrupta ARECHAVALETA, it differs but slightly from that species
in the shorter glumes and shorter awns, in other respects espe­
cially in vegetative characters it agrees perfectly with the Uruguayan
Note: = Aristida
(Hack.) Henr..
Aristida Adscensionis L.
var. argentina Hack.
subv. densiflora Hack.
ар. T. STUCKERT; Tercera Contribución al conocimiento de las Gramináceas Argentinas, in Anales del Museo Nacional de Buenos
Aires, Tomo XXI. [1911] p. 6 5 !
Differt a typo panícula densissima, habitus A. Adscensionis v. caerulescentis subv. condensatae Hackel.
St. no. 20.532 (16. XII. 1909) Villa García, cercanías de Tanti,
Dep. Sta. María, Córdoba.
Stuckert's n u m b e r 20532, the only specimen mentioned, in HACKEE'S
Herbarium (Hb. Vindob. no. 40528). This is the type and agrees
with the type of Aristida Adscensionis var. argentina as selected by
me, having a somewhat denser panicle.
Note: =
Aristida subinternipta Arechav. var. argentina (Hack.)