control panel of 4 zones in ABS box

control panel of 4 zones in ABS box
Panels with microprocessor, attractive design, manufactured in ABS, certified
as per EN 54 parts 2 and 4.
They include:
- Conventional detection loops: 2 or 4 according to model, with end of line live.
- Access level control by key
- 2 manned evacuation exits
- Fire relay (general alarm)
- General accident relay
- Auxiliary output of 24 V DC
- Keyboard with 6 keys for operation
- “Zone Test” mode
- Individual connection/disconnection of detection zones and evacuation
- 10 independent LEDs for indication of alarms.
They only need one 12V / 7Ah battery.
They carry out continuous monitoring of the entire system: state of the batteries,
failure of the CPU, status of the loops, loop power supply, state of the power
supply unit, siren supervision, earth fault, status of the siren loop.
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