Complete worksheet in blue folder. Paste it in your blue notebook

Viernes evaluación del
Leer cuento “Las vocales
escondidas” págs. 12 a la
Ver libreta para realizar
tarea, si no lo terminaste
de copiar en el salón, lo
encuentras al final de la
pág. 37. Luego haz el dibujo
debajo de la oración.
Recuerda examen del
abecedario el viernes.
Estudia con el libro, la
libreta y puedes repasar el
orden del abecedario con
las “flash card” realizadas
en el salón.
Estudia para mañana.
Please read notes
below. Thanks!
Practice vocabulary
words and doubles
DAILY! (See blue
Addition pop quizzes
will begin this week.
Test Day
Good Luck!
Review the facial
expressions and the
written words. Please,
look in the notebook, “My
Box of Crayons” and
practice with the paper
crayons inside. Thanks!
worksheet in blue
folder. Paste it in
your blue
We begin Part 2: The
Design Process
Review the days of the
week in the notebook.
Please remind your child
that the days of the week
begin with capital letter.
Dear student, Please pay
attention to the beginning
sounds. Thanks!
exercises in blue
Review the different
kind of sources of
(If possible, sing the song to
Mom or Dad…Today
is…Yesterday was..
Tomorrow will be…).
Review the English alphabet
using one of the Alphabet
versions studied in class.
Complete worksheet in
blue folder. Paste it in
your blue notebook.
Friday: Verify blue folder
and notebook for
Happy Monday!
Remember to study
for the test!
NO homework
Llevan Repaso tema 1
en libreta roja esta
Quiz próximo
martes,20 de sept.
Hacer página 29 del
Libro,tema 2: Amigos
No homework
Estudia tema 1 esta
semana,evaluación :
Miércoles 14 de
Leer tema 1 ,libro
páginas 14-19
Aprende hoja en
libreta dada 24
agosto y vocabulario
Hoy evaluación
Cuidemos todo lo que
Dios creó y demos
PE will be B and F days. Please bring your P.E. uniform and bottle of water. Thanks! Pizza Day: Wednesday! Remember; orders until
Tuesday. Please, pick up your chocolates in the auditorium. Thank you!
Math News: We started Topic 2; Addition, make sure your stickers are in the blue folder and your 6 inch / 15 cm ruler in your pencil
Dear parents,
Please practice identifying and writing capital and lowercase letters. The students will have a quiz on Friday
Dictation – Students will listen carefully. Then will circle the correct capital and lowercase letters in the paper.
Example: Circle the lowercase e.
Aa Bb Cc Dd Ee
Mrs. Brenda
English class Announcement:
The students will have an English test next Tuesday, September 20, 2016.
It will include:
Name - students will write their first name, middle name, and last name.
Color words – will read the color word and color the picture accordingly.
Count/Color Will count particular amount of objects or animals in a picture using a specific color. Ex. Color three stars in yellow.
Manners -will look at pictures and will write the appropriate phrase below each one
Thank you
I am sorry
Excuse me).
Facial Expressions – the students will match pictures of faces with the correct word (happy, sad, sick, sleepy, scared, surprised and angry).
Instructions will be read aloud. Will read the manners/expressions phrases as well. Students must be able to recognize the color words and the facial
expressions words (by themselves – remember to look at the beginning letters). Please study daily. Thanks, Mrs. Brenda