A little bit of humor: “Anglo

A little bit of humor: “Anglo-EU
Translation Guide”
Recupero un post de mi hermano Alberto, que resume muy bien
las diferencias de mentalidad entre un anglosajón y un español.
He tenido ocasión de comprobarlo en mis más de 25 años
trabajando entre ingleses y españoles. No debemos olvidar que
una cosa en "hablar inglés" y otra muy diferente ""entender su
Some days ago, my friend Douglas, sent me the chart attached:
“Anglo-EU Translation Guide”. My friend Douglas comes from
Canada, and English is his mother tongue. He is a senior
executive of a global company, with more than 25 years of
experience working in Brussels with the European Union
When I read this chart, I laughed very much: it was (it is) a great
joke. But when I read it again, these ideas came to my mind: how
difficult is to manage the cultural differences; how difficult is to
manage in other language; how difficult is to go beyond words;
how difficult is to be in the same page even when you think that
you are talking about the same thing.
I hope you enjoy the chart as much as I enjoyed it.