Evidence Planning my trip (1)

Note: One example in each category is already done for you / Nota: un
ejemplo de cada categoría a completar está hecho como modelo.
Travel documents
I have to get a Visa for the UK.
I have to get a location form.
I have to get a Colombian passport.
Travel insurance
I can’t travel without insurance.
I can travel if I have the check-in.
I can´t travel if I don´t have a face mask.
I have to buy a winter coat.
I have to buy a green pants.
I have to buy a new jacket.
Contact information
I have to tell mom and dad about my hotel location.
I have to notify to the competent health authorities of my trip.
I have to tell to my EPS about my trip.
Cellphone service
I have to pay for international roaming service.
I have to change pesos to pound sterling.
I have to pay for the trip.
Money and types of payment
I have to save enough money for my trip.
I have to keep my money very well so they don't steal it from me..
if necessary I have to get a loan from the bank for my trip.
Environmental care
I can’t drop litter.
I should not spend so much water.
I have to separate the garbage very good.
I have to learn to drive on the left.
I should not pass cars in curves.
I must not spill oil on the street.
Local costumes
I have to watch British films.
I have to go to all the amusement parks.
I have to go to the museums.
Taking photos
I have to take my camera.
I have to take my tape recorder
I have to take my cellphone
Import and exports
I can’t take exotic animals to the UK.
I cant take toxic substances.
I can´t take illegal objects