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New Year worksheet B2 ypu can do it whenever ypu want

1. Look at the pictures of the world events/news of 2021.
Say which of them:
- you remember vividly?
- you haven’t heard about?
- were significant to you?
- you got sick and tired of?
Vaccination and restrictions
Eurovision song contest
Floods in western Europe
Euro 2020: Italy vs England
Father’s day in Russia
Kazan school shooting
A new binge watching virus
Inauguration of Joe Biden
Facebook apps being down
2. Choose three of the events above and discuss them in detail with your
3. Read the posts and translate the highlighted words.
Who has had the most/the least productive year?
Whose story appeals to you?
Taylor Adams, NY
My 2021 was okayish. My grandparents got
ill and I had to put off my summer vacation.
However, I seized the moments to enjoy.
I watched Tokyo summer Olympics and
I was so stoked that the American sportsmen
got 113 medals. I also wanted to go to the
Euro 2020 match and root for Italy. And
I did it! I hope that the next year will be great
and I will have more rest!
Ivan Schmidt, Odesa
I make films about extreme sports: skiing,
parachuting and bungee jumping. I usually
come over to my friends in Italy and Germany
and we work together. But this year things
went south. I had to stay in the Ukraine due to
the restrictions on travelling. I am looking
forward to seeing in the New Year with my
friends. What if I can’t leave? I am so upset.
I haven’t come up with my New Year plan yet.
Hannah Green, Toronto
My 2021 year went swimmingly. I was
staying at my grandparents’ house all
summer and I was pumped to have so much
fun. I went to the animation studios, rode a
roller coaster, visited national parks and
even petted a lion and a giraffe! It’s a pity
that this year has almost gone. I am starting
school next year and I will have no dice to
skip my prep classes till next summer.
4. Use the highlighted words from ex.3. and tell the story
of your 2021 year.
5. How do you envision 2022 year? What are your plans
for 2022?
6. Do a QR-code exercise for homework
7. Record your answer to the questions in ex.5.