Subido por Moises Leonardo Mogiano Gutierrez


1.-Have you ever run a long distance?
-Yes, in my school marathons. -He told me that I participate in marathons.
2.-What was the first movie you saw at a movie theater?
- The first movie I saw in the cinema was the Simpsons, when I was 12 years old.
- He told me he went to see Spiderman.
3.- What are you going to do this weekend?
-I'm going to a friend's birthday; I have to dress up for Halloween.
- She told me she was going to a party with her friends.
4.-Can you play any unusual sports?
- If I can try to play.
- She said she don't like sports.
5.-What series are you watching on TV right now?
- I am not watching any series at the moment.
- She said that she would look for a series that entertains her so she can watch it.
6.-What are you doing after today’s class?
- I'm going home I have a family lunch.
- Roberto told me that he is going to have lunch at his grandparents' house after school.