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Day of the Dead

1. When is the Day of the Dead celebrated?
November 1st - November 2nd
2. What type of flowers are left as offerings at graves?
3. Where is the Day of the Dead celebrated?
4. What is the name of the famous bread?
Pan de Muerto
5. What is the traditional color of mourning?
6. What is Cempasúchil?
Cempasúchil is called the flower of the muertos, or dead, and must be present in Día de los
Muertos altars and offerings. It's believed that marigold's pungent scent and vibrant color help
lead the spirits of the dead back to Earth to visit their loved ones.
7. What is used to make a path to the altar?
Petals from Cempasúchil.
8. What do you find at the graveside?
9. Where do they go to see their loved ones?
10. What is a Tianguis?
An open-air market or bazaar that is traditionally held on certain market days in a town or city neighborhood
in Mexico and Central America.
11. What do families do on the Day of the Dead?
Families gather to remember and honor their deceased loved ones. A sacred, joyous time, Day
of the Dead traditions include food and flowers, visits with family members, prayers, and
stories about those who have died.
12. What are the typical offering for Dia de los Muertos?
Photographs, bread, other foods, flowers and toys.
13. What do sugar skulls represent?
They represent departed soul, had the name written on the forehead and was placed on the
home offering or gravestone to honor the return of a particular spirit.
14. Name some of the food and drinks families bring to the grave (at least 5).
Calaveras de Azucar, Tamales, Mole Negro, Calabaza en Duce, Hot Chocolate
15. What is the difference between Dia de los Muertos and Halloween?
Halloween focuses upon the grisly or frightening aspects of death and the dead while the Day
of the Dead is very much a celebration of their lives, a happy occasion to honor and remember
loved ones who have passed on.