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30. Hold on a second

Lesson C What were you saying?
Unit 10
Hold on a second. Activity A
Conversation strategies
Imagine a friend calls. Follow the instructions in parentheses and complete the conversation.
You Hello?
Friend Hi, It's me! Hey, I was just calling to tell you, this weekend there's . . .
You Oh, can you hold on a second?
I just want to turn down the music . OK. Sorry.
So, what were you saying?
(Interrupt to turn down the music. Restart the conversation.)
Friend I was just calling to tell you about my party this weekend.
You Great. So what's the special . . .
Oh, just a minute. I've got another call
Can you call me back
(Interrupt because you have another call and ask your friend to call you back.)
Friend Hey.
You Hi. Sorry about that. So, what were we talking
about? (Restart the conversation.)
Friend My party – this weekend.
You Right. Excuse me for just
There's someone at the door
a minute.
. Sorry.
So are you having a birthday party?(Interrupt to answer the door.)
Friend No. It's just for fun. I'm going to invite . . .
You Wait a minute. You're breaking up
Oh, that's better. You were saying
(Interrupt because the line is breaking up and restart the conversation.)
Friend Oh, I was saying, I'm going to invite everyone from class. So can you come?
You Oh, yeah I'd love to. Thanks.
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